Website Update

Just thought I’d give my site’s readers (both of you) a heads-up about some of the things going on here:

– I haven’t forgotten the Ashes to Ashes recaps, honest! The recap of episode 1 is basically done (all it needs is proofreading and polish), and it should be posted no later than noon today. I hope to get started on Episode 2 as soon as Episode 1 is published, and have that one completed by Thursday, so I can start the recap of episode 3 before episode 4 airs in the UK on Friday. Got all that?

– Just to remind you, I was out of town when episode 1 aired, had out-of-town guests when episode 2 aired, and had plans virtually all day long this past Saturday (after episode 3 aired).

– I hate that they moved Ashes from Tuesday (or was it Monday?) to Friday. The missus and I don’t normally do much on Friday nights, but we almost always do stuff on Saturday and most Sundays, so that means I normally won’t be able to start a recap until the following Monday. I mean, I’m not sad for having a life, I just hate the the Beeb moved the show.

– The new NFL schedule is out, and depending on how motivated I am, I might post my annual “Steelers Schedule for Microsoft Outlook” tomorrow if I need a break from the Ashes recaps. If not, look for it in the next few days, sooner rather than later.

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