England Rocks!

See, here’s the thing…. England has an entire galaxy of potato chip flavors. Whereas American snackers seem to be stuck in a rut of [some type of cheese], [some kind of spicy], and [some kind of ‘regional’] chips, the UK rocks the potato chip flavors like no one’s business.

In fact, Walkers, the premier British potato chip maker, is rolling out a new line of 15 chip flavors in honor of the World Cup. Apparently, their website will be the home to the “Flavor Cup”, a contest structured similarly to the World Cup, to see which flavor comes out on top.

Here are a list of the countries and their delicious flavors:

Argentina: Flame grilled steak
Australia: BBQ kangaroo
Brazil: Salsa
England: Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding
France: Garlic baguette
Germany: Bratwurst
Ireland: Irish Stew
Italy: Spaghetti Bolognese
Japan: Teriyaki Chicken
Netherlands: Edam cheese
Scotland: Haggis
South Africa: Sweet Chutney
Spain: Chicken Paella
USA: Cheeseburger
Wales: Welsh Rarebit

Woooo, Lord… I wanna try them all! Well, mostly. I’ve never had haggis, although it’s supposed to be much better than its reputation here in the States. Don’t know how it’ll work on a chip, though. It’s the same with BBQ Kangaroo – I’ve actually had kangaroo on several occasions, and I don’t know how you’re supposed to tell the difference between kangaroo and beef on a potato chip (it’s like an American company offering “venison-flavored” chips… how could you tell, really??).

I’d kill to try the England chips, with the German, Welsh, Irish and Italian chips all tied at a close second, and the French and Dutch chips tied at a close third.

Anyone got a Walkers hook-up out there?

Also, Frito Lay owns Walkers now… any chance we could get some more interesting flavors here at home?

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