Episcopal Hypocrisy

Anglican Curmudgeon once again hits it out of the park, filling in the details on the story I reported on back in February.

It seems that the ECUSA’s Executive Council met in Memphis on October 5-8, 2009, and at that meeting they adopted the following resolution, which reads, in part:

Resolved, That the Executive Council, meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, October 5-8, directs the Executive Officers of General Convention and the Office of General Convention to refrain from using the Hyatt hotel chain for General Convention and its related bodies and staff, until housekeeping staff summarily fired from its Massachusetts hotels and replaced by contract workers are offered the opportunity to be restored to their original employment and work conditions and provided with back pay for time missed due to their fall 2009 layoffs;

Two and a half months later – as in, ten weeks, or seventy-five days later – the Episcopal Church headquarters in New York City fired all its union workers and replaced them with a cheaper, non-union company:

The workers lost their jobs – which paid standard wages and benefits – when the church canceled the contract with Paris Maintenance, a union cleaning contractor, and replaced it with the nonunion Benjamin Enterprises.

Nice. Read the whole article here, especially the part at the end, where it’s noted that TEC is using a non-union Hyatt in Indianapolis for the 2012 General Convention.

Hypocrites, the lot of them!

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