West Indies Hot Sauce

west_indies_sauce“West Indies” hot sauce, which is yellow in color and made with habanero peppers, is my all-time favorite style of hot sauce. It’s usually very spicy, but not in an “I’m only eating this to show off” kind of way, like Dave’s Insanity Sauce. It also has the best flavor of any hot sauce I’ve ever tried. Sure, Tabasco sauce is good, but it mostly tastes like peppers and vinegar. Sriracha is pretty tasty, but isn’t all that complex. West Indian style hot sauce, on the other hand, brings a lot of flavor to the table!

Lisa bought a giant habanero plant at Aldi a few weeks ago. It’s actually more like a “habanero bush”! So, with a surfeit of peppers, I decided to make some hot sauce myself!


15 habanero (Scotch bonnet) peppers
1 ripe mango, or a one large can of pineapple chunks
¼ cup packed brown sugar
1½ Tbs. curry powder
1 Tbs. cumin
1 Tbs. chili powder
½ tsp. sea salt
1 tsp black pepper
Pinch of tumeric
1 cup cheap yellow mustard
½ cup white vinegar
(Optional) Additional vinegar and\or pineapple juice

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Archbishop develops backbone; kicks KJS out of ACSC

Well, we all read the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Pentecost Letter and thought that there might be signs of ++Rowan finally growing a backbone… but it seems that that letter was only the public part of his campaign. The private part, consisting of a letter to +KJS asking her to withdraw from the Anglican Communion Standing Committee, has just gone public.

From Conger via BabyBlue:

The Archbishop’s Pentecost letter is the public half of a campaign to rein in the Episcopal Church, The Church of England Newspaper has learned, and follows a private letter delivered to Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori asking her to consider withdrawing from active participation on the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion.

A letter from the Archbishop is believed to have been given to Bishop Jefferts Schori at the April 17 consecration of the Bishop of Connecticut, Dr Ian Douglas. Neva Rae Fox, a spokesman for the Presiding Bishop said she could not comment as she was not present at the Connecticut consecration. Dr Williams’ office would neither confirm nor deny the story, citing its policy of not commenting on the Archbishop’s private correspondence.


via Conform or face the consequences, Archbishop says.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

  • Why all the hot girls in the Yaz commercials? Don't average girls need birth control, too? #
  • More warnings about US debt… but no one seems to care: http://tinyurl.com/2b6k7d9 #
  • The Euro is dying: http://tinyurl.com/2ep4rdf Long live the mark and the pound! #
  • Safari for Windows: MIC set to Medium… Nice security fail, Apple! #
  • Saints win the Super Bowl? 'Hawks win the Stanley Cup? I'm putting all my money on the Pirates to win the World Series this year! #
  • Sad news: Japan's Mick Karn diagnosed with advanced cancer: http://tinyurl.com/2vmy68u #
  • @OhioSteelerGirl And the man from Texas bothered you why? in reply to OhioSteelerGirl #
  • TFLN: "I don't give a shit about soccer but I'm really excited about drinking at 7 in the morning." #
  • I bet that English goalkeeper is gonna catch hell later! #
  • "Forget it brother, you can go it alone" #

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Why GSU’s Kell Hall has ramps, not stairs

Love Atlanta? Then you should check out Pecanne Log, a blog dedicated to both the city’s history as well as her funkier neighborhoods and festivals. They have a post today about the Ivy Street Garage, Atlanta’s first parking deck, which opened 85 years ago this week:

On June 3, 1925, the Ivy Street Garage – Atlanta’s first parking garage – opened! Called a “mammoth automobile hotel” by the [Atlanta] Constitution [newspaper], it was six stories, held 600 cars, and offered white-glove valet, car wash, and basic maintenance and repair services. The Ivy Street Garage was said to be “one of the largest and perhaps the most modern structures of its kind in the world.”

The deck was one of the first parking decks in the United States to have one-way ramps instead of “auto-elevators”, which were much more common at the time. It did, however, have an elevator for customers, which was new at the time.

The Ivy Street Garage was eventually sold to Georgia State University, where it was converted to classrooms and is now known as Kell Hall. Architects decided to keep the existing ramps wherever possible, and this is why the building has ramps instead of stairs.

via pecanne log.

Workers banned from flying English flags

More proof that England’s losing its mind in the race to multi-culturalism: council workers in Greater Manchester have been banned from flying the English flag on their cars. In England. Because that might be racist. To fly one’s own flag in his own country. More:

More than 1,200 workers have been banned from flying England flags on their own cars by managers – over fears they could deemed as racist.

Employees at the housing association were sent a group e-mail warning that decking out their personal vehicles with the St George’s flags could “discriminate” against those who don’t support England during the World Cup.

Call me when the entire United Kingdom collapses into anarchy.

via Mail Online.

A Small (Yet Large) Win for St. James Church

From BabyBlue:

In a unanimous decision, the California Supreme Court agreed today to hear St. James Anglican Church’s appeal that it has a constitutional right to continue its property rights battle against The Episcopal Church. By granting the St. James petition, the Court has acknowledged that this property rights dispute is far from over as the Episcopal Church has claimed, and that the Court must decide whether a defendant can be deprived of its property before it has had the opportunity to defend itself with evidence in a court of law.

Nice. According to the previous lower court ruling, it seemed that California law allowed people to have their private property taken away without legal recourse; it looks like the California Supreme Court fixed that.

Good luck St. James!

via BabyBlueOnline: California Supreme Court Unanimously Grants Review of St. James Church’s Petition.

Meet George P. Burdell!

Back in 1927, a man named William Edgar “Ed” Smith applied for admission to Georgia Tech. He soon received a letter in the mail telling him that he had been accepted into the school, and that he would be receiving an enrollment form in the mail. A few weeks passed, and Smith got that form in the mail. Actually, he received two of them.

He dutifully filled out the first with his own information, then pondered what to do with the second. He finally decided to pull a prank on his Academy of Richmond County principal, a UGA alum and staunch Bulldog supporter named George P. Butler, by enrolling him in the school. But Smith lost his nerve by the time he’d written “George P. B” on the form, so instead of completing “Butler”, he wrote “Burdell”, his best friend’s mother’s maiden name.

The prank would have been lame had it ended there. But it didn’t.

Once Smith got to Tech, he enrolled Burdell in all the same classes as himself. For the next three years, Smith did all his work twice, once under his own name, and again under Burdell’s name. Every homework assignment, every class project, every report, every paper, every quiz, every exam… everything. He would simply alter his handwriting and some of his answers and turn it in again under Burdell’s name. Smith was so dedicated to the prank that in 1930 “George P. Burdell” was awarded a bachelor of science degree from the school.

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Neat Stuff!

I know I often post “weird news” articles, with links to 3-4 mildly amusing news stories… but this post is different! It’s about really neat trivia-like stuff I’ve found over the past couple of weeks whilst otherwise busy with the Ashes to Ashes recaps. Check out some of these articles… they’re really cool!

– Chang and Eng were probably the most famous conjoined twins in history. In fact, they were so famous that for 150 years such twins were usually called “Siamese twins” in the United States, after Chang and Eng’s birth country (which is now Thailand). You might also know that Chang and Eng toured the world for several years with legendary showman P.T. Barnum. But what you might not know is that once they made a big pile of money, they decided to settle down in the place they considered the most beautiful on earth: Mount Airy, North Carolina!

Chang and Eng

Yes, the city that gave birth to Andy Griffith and was the basis for the fictional town of “Mayberry” became home to the Siamese twins in the early 1840s (they actually lived a few miles outside town, to be exact). But the twins faced one problem right off the bat – the lack of a last name (“Chang” and “Eng” mean “right” and “left”, by the way). This was solved when the person behind them in line at the courthouse, Fred Bunker, offered the twins his own name. Thus, they became known as “Chang and Eng Bunker”. They settled in to life in Mount Airy, buying two houses (they’d stay at Chang’s for three days, then Eng’s for three days, then alternate the remaining day). They joined, and became regulars of, the White Plains Baptist Church, where they are buried. The twins had 21 children, and two of their sons even fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War! Read more about the Siam\Mt. Airy connection here.

– What do Louis C.K., Desperate Housewives, Married With Children and That 70’s Show have in common? According to the nifty screencaps shown here, they all apparently used the same prop newspaper!

– A few years ago, the Euro was a fresh new currency, backed by all the economic strength of the European Union. Now, it appears that the currency might not last an additional five years. Only time will tell if we’ll have to use marks, francs and lira again… but things certainly don’t look very good for the Euro at the moment.

– During the Civil War, the register of the U.S. Treasury, one L.E. Chittenden, was charged with preventing the Confederacy from buying two warships from England. To do that, he had to offer more money for the ships, and to get that money, he had to sign a bunch of bonds… 12,500 of them, to be exact. In one weekend. He started at noon on a Friday afternoon, and by 7 pm that night he had signed 3,700 bonds. But things rapidly went downhill from there. Chittenden had to complete his task as quickly as possible, so sleep was out of the question. And his hand rapidly started to ache, and no cure seemed to help. Chittenden finished the task, exhausted, by noon on Sunday, and had the bonds, which formed a stack six feet high, transferred to a steamer ship. In the end, though, the Brits sold the ships to neither the Confederacy nor the Federals, making Chittenden’s heroic effort worthless.

– In 2007, native hunters caught a 50-ton whale off the coast of Alaska. Embedded in the whale’s neck they found a fragment of a lance that had been made in New Bedford, MA in 1890. This means that the whale was 115 to 130 years old, and might have been born the same year Rutherford B. Hayes was inaugurated as president.

Ashes to Ashes: Season 3, Episode 8

Can it really be the end? After four years of brilliant television, will we finally find out who Gene Hunt really is, what really happened to Sam Tyler, and if or when Alex will ever get home? Will we find out once and for all what the Life On Mars\Ashes to Ashes universe is all about? Let’s put the tissues away and fire up the Quattro for the last time and find out!

The finale of Ashes to Ashes begins with Alex having a dream. She’s on It’s a Knockout, and Molly cheers her on from the sidelines. Alex finds the epaulet numbers, only to have an evil (oversized, rubber) Gene Hunt start to hunt her down. Alex appears to wake up from the dream, but we can still hear Molly telling her to wake up because “he’s coming”. Alex looks over and sees a familiar face knocking on the glass of Gene’s office:


Back in the dream, the oversized Hunt continues to bear down on her when a gunshot rings out. Dead Cop appears and falls to the ground, as does costumed Alex. Molly continues to tell her mother to get up, and Alex removes the suit whilst saying that she must know the truth. Costumed Gene finally catches up to her, and just as Alex turns to him… the lights come on in the office. Alex has been asleep at her desk the entire time. She looks at the photograph of the farm, which has been curled up in her hand. She simply says “Today, Gene”.

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