Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

  • Wow! A producer from NatGeo emailed me about one of my Science Blog posts! I'm a celebrity superstar! #
  • @terrinh73 LeBron isn't important? From the girl who's all about the World Cup? :p in reply to terrinh73 #
  • @pecannelog Re: Thrillerdome Seriously? Is this a woosh? in reply to pecannelog #
  • Random fact: Brian Eno's full name is Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno. #
  • Why did I buy Eno's "Ambient 1" on cassette back in 1986, but only got Ambient 2, 3 and 4 this week? Why the 24 year gap? #
  • Man, the Oranje Army is OUT IN FORCE, huh>? #

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