Charlotte TWC Customers: Check This!

A week or two ago, Time Warner robocalled the house during the day, saying that Internet and digital phone services might be disrupted that night, as they were “implementing some upgrades that will make your Internet service faster in the future”.

Our Internet service didn’t go down that week, but it did go down last night. I became curious about the outage, as it started almost exactly on the hour, and lasted almost exactly one hour. Once the service came back up, I went to Speedtest and checked my speed:

New Speed Test

HOLY CRAP! We have basic Road Runner service, and had been getting 7Mbps/364kbps before. Now it seems that were getting almost 20Mbps down… WOW! Too bad the upload speed remains a pokey 384kbps!

So if you’re in the Charlotte area (and specifically Gaston County, which is a different TWC franchise from Meck County), check your Internet speed… it just might be a whole lot faster!

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