“One Parishioner’s Boycott”

Stand Firm has a link to this interesting article about one man’s boycott of the Episcopal Church:

67% of Episcopal clergy identify themselves as Democrats, 8% Independents, and 22% Republicans. Maybe that helps explain this:49% of Episcopal clergy say that gay couples should be allowed to legally marry and 38% say that civil unions should be allowed. Of course this majority might claim that politics has nothing to do with their quest for gay marriage. In fact, I have read the claim that the Holy Spirit has is guiding them to this er…, um…, position. Unfortunately, they are lying because they have failed to back up their claims by using scriptural sources. There is a good possibility that an unholy spirit is doing the leading, and that the filthy spirit of politics has a lot to do with the current course of the Church.

Linked within that article is this post, entitled “Red Pew, Blue Pulpit”, which goes through some interesting numbers about the PCUSA. Of course, the PCUSA isn’t the TEC… the TEC is worse.

via Stand Firm.

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