Friday Miscellany

– Less than 1% of all Windows XP installations are 64-bit. Around 11% of Windows Vista installations are 64-bit. However, it seems that a whopping 46% of all Windows 7 installations are 64-bit. The future is almost here! FWIW, Casa Cofer is 100% 64-bit, thank you very much.

– Speaking of tech, you could use an iPad or Kindle to read a book… but it seems that old fashioned “books” are faster.

– Need more proof that America’s waistline is rapidly expanding? A new study has found that Colorado, the nation’s healthiest state, has an obesity rate (19.1%) that exceeds the 1991 obesity rate of Mississippi, the nation’s fattest (15.7%). For what it’s worth, Mississippi’s current obesity rate is 33.8%. From here.

– Britain has gone nuts with the anti-terror laws. Recently, a man was threatened with arrest for taking a photograph of overcrowded trains. The man, an IT worker, was worried that the overcrowding was causing a safety issue, but train officials threatened to arrest him under anti-terror laws. This would be bad if it were an isolated case, but it’s not. People photographing police officers have been threatened under similar laws, and other photographers have been threatened with arrest for taking pictures on British streets. And here’s the thing: the terror laws allow the government to declare certain areas as “off-limits” for security reasons, but also allows the government to keep those areas secret. So no one knows whether they’re breaking the law or not. Google “Britain photographers anti-terror” for more sad stories.

– And lastly, in 1964 a British man named David Threlfall asked bookmaker William Hill to place a £10 bet on whether man would set foot on the moon before January 1970. Hill agreed to the bet and gave him 1000:1 odds. As the years passed, and it looked ever more likely that man would indeed walk on the moon, the odds dropped. Gamblers offered Threlfall thousands of pounds for his ticket, but he refused. After Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, Threlfall collected his £10,000 winnings – around $185,000 in current dollars. Read more here.

Congrats, Mad Men!

Congratulations to Mad Men for their 16 Emmy nominations! Special congrats are in order for January Jones for her role as Betty Draper, her first nomination. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for her, John Slattery, Elizabeth Moss, and (of course) Jon Hamm.

Also, AMC has released the first pictures from season four, which you can see here. There’s one surprise in the very first picture: Betty is standing with a man, who has his back to the camera. The man appears to be much younger than Henry Francis. Also, check out Peggy’s new haircut! Man, talk about not flattering!

Season 4 of Mad Men premieres on July 25 at 10pm on AMC.

REVIEW: “A Death in Belmont”

Writer Sebastian Junger – author of such popular books as Fire and The Perfect Storm – grew up in the suburban Boston town of Belmont, Massachusetts. From an early age, Junger knew that a woman was murdered in a house not too far from his own, but his parents always glossed over the details when he was a boy, and Junger eventually forgot all about it.

That is, until one day, years later, when he came back to his parent’s house for a visit. He was going through a box of family memorabilia and came across this picture:


The photograph shows a one year-old Junger sitting on his mother’s lap in the family’s living room. Behind his mother, Ellen, is an elderly handyman named Floyd Wiggins. Standing next to Wiggins, and directly behind the Jungers, is a man named Albert DeSalvo, although you probably know him better as the Boston Strangler.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

  • @markmaser And maybe it's because #Symantec and #McAfee products suck? in reply to markmaser #
  • Ah… nice to see that iTunes can crash Outlook 2010 as well as it crashed Outlook 2007. Well done, Steve Jobs! #
  • is at the Knights game… Nice night for baseball! #
  • Thanks to Marcia and Allen for the "suite" tickets last night! 🙂 #
  • Why, oh WHY, must I reboot after updating Adobe Reader? #
  • "Naomi Campbell subpoenaed in war crimes case" What the hell?? #
  • Of course I dozed off after dinner… I ate FOUR ITALIAN BEEF SANDWICHES! #
  • is being driven to the brink of madness by what should be a simple web browser request! #
  • is at Friday Night Live in B-town! #
  • Happy Birthday, America! Enjoy your civil rights and liberties… what's left of them! #

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