Friday’s Tab Closer

From the “Holy Crap I have 84 tabs open in Firefox!” Department:

– Glass-bottomed boats are old school and boring. How about a glass-bottomed hot air balloon instead? Looks like freaky fun to me!

– Michael Dick (yes, that’s his real name) hadn’t seen his daughter since he divorced her mother a decade ago. Of course he’d looked for her, but all he knew was that she’d moved to Suffolk (the one in England). He gathered his two other daughters and they went looking for her. Michael contacted the Suffolk Free Press newspaper for help, and they sent out a photographer to snap some photos and get his story. Little did they know that Dick’s daughter ended up in the background of the picture!

– You’ve probably already heard this by now, but a man from Brewster, Massachusetts named Ron Sveden accidentally inhaled a pea one day (it “went down the wrong road”, as my grandma used to say). When Ron later complained of chest pains and difficulty breathing, his doctors were shocked to find that it had sprouted and was growing in his lungs!

– Archaeologists in the UK have found a house that is around 10,500 years old, making it the oldest dwelling ever found in Europe.

– Hey Google… whatever happened to “not being evil“?

– The Smoking Gun has pictures of the weed seized from Willie Nelson’s tour bus a while back. Yep, it’s a lot!

– Lastly, the Cassini spacecraft has captured some incredible pictures of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. The moon has geysers that send water and ice into space, and it seems that Saturn’s faint G ring was created by those geysers. The pictures are beautiful – you should really check them out!

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