The “Wednesday is now Thursday” News Dump

– Regardless of what you think about gay marriage, can we at least agree that Judge Walker’s decision is horrible law? After all, this is the same judge who said that Prop 8 supporters “had no standing” for an appeal? (Pssst, Judge Walker… if they have no standing for an appeal, how were you able to rule on the case in the first place?)

– Here’s a picture of a koala that was hit by a car traveling at 50mph:


Don’t sweat it: the koala was not injured… at all. Not even a scratch! Read more about it here.

– Kathy Parker just wanted to fly out of Philadelphia International Airport on August 6. But she was randomly chosen for the “thorough search”. TSA agents found a couple of prescription bottles and one asked if a diet pill worked. Another started reviewing the Walmart and Kohl’s receipts she had in her purse. But then agents found a deposit slip and several checks in the side pocket of her purse. Since the checks were “large” (around $8,000) and numbered almost sequentially, the TSA agents decided that she must be running some kind of embezzling operation. Philadelphia police were called and Parker was questioned. After 30 minutes, she was “allowed” to board her flight. Read more about it here and wonder whatever happened to the Fourth Amendment in this country.

– Speaking of the cops, Atlanta police were called to a college campus thanks to an umbrella that looks like a samurai sword. It’s not known whether the campus was Georgia Tech or Georgia State, but in the cops’ defense there was an actual samurai sword attack on the Tech campus back in February. Still, it seems a bit much for the SWAT team, though.

– English history fans might want to check out this article about some recently discovered graves from the English Civil War. It’s an interesting read!

– For decades, the Japanese seemed to hold a huge lead in cool vending machines. But now America is fighting back. Five H-E-B (a Texas grocery chain) locations started a pilot with designer handbag vending machines, with purses from Coach, Juicy Couture, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole and DKNY, ranging in price from $44.99 to $139.99. Another machine has a high-def screen showing scenes from the new Julia Roberts film Eat, Pray, Love with various items from the film for sale, including Prada perfume and silver jewelry. Another company has started placing Best Buy Express machines in airports to sell iPods, digital cameras and camcorders to travelers. Why the sudden interest in vending machines? Because they can generate “as much as” $10,000 per square foot in sales a year, versus $330 in sales per square foot for the average mall store.

– And lastly, how about a review of all the national costumes at the 2010 Miss Universe pageant. OK, how about a review of all the national costumes from the 2010 Miss Universe pageant with snarky comments from a couple of gay guys? For example, of Miss El Salvador they said: “And this is kind of sad. Unless it’s a tribute to El Salvador’s heretofore uncelebrated hot glue gun industry.”

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