Random Hottie: Elizabeth Logue

So last night I was messing around on the Internet, like you do, and came across this:

Elizabeth Logue 01

She’s a model from the late 1960s named Elizabeth Logue. If you were around in the early 1970s, you might remember her better from this:

Elizabeth Logue 02

Yes, she was the beautiful girl from the opening credits to Hawaii Five-O. I remember her as one of the very first girls I found pretty when I was a kid.

Logue was not, by the way, the “hula girl” from the credits. That was Helen Kuoha-Torco, who went on to become professor of business technology at Windward Community College in Kaneohe, Hawai’i. I can’t seem to find any information about what happened to Logue (although I’ll admit that I didn’t look very hard).

Here’s another (tiny) pic of Logue on the cover of Life magazine from October 8, 1965:

Elizabeth Logue 03

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  1. Update: I found out that she died of cancer in Santa Monica, California on June 7th, 1988. She was only 56.

    I also found out that she was Miss Air Force ROTC in 1959. Before appearing in “Hawaii Five-O”, she was a poster girl for the Hawaii Visitors Bureau and also worked as a reservation agent at Hawaiian Air Lines.

    Her birth name was Elizabeth Louise Malamalamaokalani White.

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    2. What is the name of the model-actress wearing the yellow bikini in the opening credits of Hawaii Five-0?
      She is in the opening credits of the original 1968-1980 series and also the 2010-2020 series, and doesn’t seem to be Elizabeth White Logue or the night club dancer actress in the opening credits.

  2. @Susan,

    After exhaustive online research, I have come to the conclusion that yes, Elizabeth Logue, from Hawaii Five O, may be still around. It is my strong conviction that the Elizabeth Logue who was married to character actor Andrew Duggan was a broadway dancer, and not the same Elizabeth Logue who was the Hawaiian model who appeared in the film Hawaii, and in the opening sequence of Five O. The IMDB date is grossly inaccurate, as it is for many other bios on celebrities.

    You sound like you know this for a fact. If you do, then please add to or corroborate my conclusions which I will share in a series of posts to follow here on this website. I think many of the fans on Mike Quigley’s Hawaii Five O site would like to end the speculation about her premature demise, and would be ecstatic in knowing that this mystery woman who graced the opening sequence of Five O every week, is still living and doing well..

    First, from Mike Quigley’s site (guestbook):

    PK — Right On! You identified and keyed in on every significant detail/clue that I was trying to make in regards to Elizabeth Logue! You get it, and by now I suspect and would hope that most everyone will henceforth cast a critical eye on the murky data concerning Ms. Logue posted on IMDB.

    Just one other simple example that I found recently to prove that point — see the bio link below. They can’t even get the right Duggan identified. It wasn’t Alan Duggan — it was Andrew Duggan who married broadway dancer Betty Logue. This is why you cannot trust IMDB or other online sketchy sources — and yet, it was IMDB from which emanated the HUGE myth that the Hawaiian Elizabeth Logue, who appeared in the opening sequence of Hawaii Five O, died in June, 1988.


    The key links below that PK referenced, draw a sharp contrast between the haole Betty Ann Logue, destined for a brief Broadway dancing career in the early fifties and who eventually married Andrew Duggan, and that of the HVB tourist production which features the mixed Hawaiian/Chinese/English Elizabeth Logue, age 24, circa 1965:

    SEE PAGE 65: http://tinyurl.com/33y4rrn


    Ever wonder why so many references show her retaining the name Logue, instead of Duggan? Well, maybe it’s because he was her first husband and was never married to a Duggan — moreover, the brief one week quickie marriage to the real estate mogul in Las Vegas, as reported by the more reputable Star Bulletin, pretty much amounted to zilch. And as the Star B also reported, she pretty much dropped out of site in the early seventies, and so far, an exhaustive online search is yielding few clues beyond that time frame. The only logical conclusions that I have reached, based on the foregoing, is that she is either still alive, living in seclusion like J.D.Salinger, or has passed away under different circumstances than was reported by IMDB.com.

    Finally, one other interesting bit of trival. Not much can be found concerning Tahitian Artist George Logue, but I did find this one example of his work, and the context and location all suggest that he probably was the frequently cited first husband of Elizabeth Louise Malamalakaokalini White LOGUE:


    Ray (a.k.a, ‘The Riddle of the Logue’)

    “[Oswald] was employed by the Central Intelligence Agency and was obviously drawn into a scapegoat situation and made to believe ultimately that he was penetrating the assassination. And then when the time came, they took the scapegoat — the man who thought he was working for the United States government — and killed him real quick. And then the machinery, disinformation machinery, started turning and they started making a villain out of a man who genuinely was probably a hero.”

    –Jim Garrison

    Things aren’t always like they seem.

    Portsmouth , NH USA – Wednesday, June 02, 2010 at 20:50:14 (PDT):

  3. Correction to previous post. My math was slightly off. If we assume dancer Elizabeth (Logue) Duggan, wife of actor Andrew Duggan, was correctly cited as being born in 1931, then the chronology of my cited references would make sense as follows:

    1. Born 10 August, 1931
    2. Life Magazine, 11 August, 1947, featured story on emerging talent for dancers destined for Broadway, Betty ANN Logue, from Flushing NY, 15 years old
    3. Begins training at Professional Children’s School, NY city, early 1949, age 17.
    3. Her debut on Broadway, “Brigadoon”, May 2, 1950, age 18, followed by several other productions during the early 1950s, including “New Faces.”
    5. During this time, she meets Andrew Duggan, and several sources claim they were married in 1954, not 1953, as I indicated earlier. She would then be approx. age 22-23, depending on the month when she married.
    Porstmouth, NH USA – Saturday, July 03, 2010 at 08:00:47 (PDT) ‘The Riddle of the Logue’

    I am narrowing in on some more clues to get to the bottom of this mystery, and hopefully will try, in the very near future, to contact Richard Duggan, son of actor Andrew Duggan. I finally located one reference by Richard, who claimed his mother, Elizabeth Duggan, quit dancing professionally to RAISE a family, and passed away within a month of her husband, Andrew Duggan, in May/June 1988: http://tinyurl.com/35hvemx

    Recall that Betty ANN (not LOUISE!) Logue (Haole), from Flushing NY, was age 15 in 1947 during the formative stages of her dancing career (see pages 63-66, and note also that there is little resemblance to any Chinese/Hawaiian/English heritage):http://tinyurl.com/35lz6rs

    It was reported earlier that she later married Andrew in 1953, at about age 23, while dancing professionally on Broadway.

    Notice in the above obituary info, from her son Richard, there is no reference whatsoever to the actress and model, Elizabeth LOUISE Malamalamaokalini White Logue. In the mid to late fifties, it is a fair assumption therefore, that Elizabeth Duggan was busy raising her 3 children, as her son Richard claimed. The article below surely suggests that she was a big time domestic homebody, circa late sixties, while in Southern California, still very active as a mother to her children: http://tinyurl.com/3yk4gc4

    Meanwhile, OUR Elizabeth Logue (first husband Tahitian artist George Logue), of Hawaii Five O, was busy at the turn of the next decade and beyond, with many other career diversions, OTHER THAN raising a family:

    1. Miss ROTC, Univ of Hawaii, 1959 (She would be 29, if this was Broadway dancer Elizabeth Logue (Duggan) — Nope, I don’t think so!)
    2. Featured as ‘Matae’, Nude Odessey, 1961
    3. Reservations Agent, Hawaiian Airlines
    4. Cover model, Life Magazine, REPORTED AND PHOTO ILLUSTRATED AS A VERY BELIEVABLE AGE 24, Oct 8, 1965
    5. Featured as the youthful child bride ‘Noelani’ in the movie, Hawaii, 1966.
    6. Featured as one of the original poster girls for Hawaiian Visitor’s Bureau, circa 1960s.
    7. Appeared in opening sequence for Hawaii Five O, 1967
    8. Dropped out of sight in early seventies, after brief marriage to Las Vegas real estate mogul.

    If her son Richard stated that she dropped everything, including her dancing career, to raise a family, then the foregoing ambitions might seem a bit inconsistent with Richard Duggan’s claims.

    I still am very skeptical of the loose connection between these names, and strongly suspect that bad data got mixed up on IMDB, which has been primarily responsible for propagating the myth that Elizabeth Louise Malamalamaokalink White Logue passed away in 1988. She may indeed be deceased, since we have very little news of her today, however, if true, I conclude her obituary is not the same as that for dancer Elizabeth Duggan, wife of Andrew Duggan. Or, conversely, she may still be alive, which would make her about 69 today!
    Portsmouth, NH USA – Friday, July 02, 2010 at 22:55:56 (PDT)

    1. She is not dead. She is my Mother. She has no Son named Richard. We are Mark and Christian Logue. She is 77 and still beautiful, and happily married to a good man. Thank you for this page. She has always treasured her years in the entertainment industry.

      1. Thanks, Mark — Was your grandmother Kalani Florence Cathcart White of Honolulu? Ronn Ronck

      2. Mark Logue, I currently live at Hickam AFB, Hawaii. My last assignment in the Army after a 30-year career (as a Chaplain). Is there any way I can meet your mother? I promise not to be a weird person…just a fan.

      3. Mark, my entire family watched “Hawaii 50” from the first episode. I was station in Hawaii in 1981. My wife and I flew to Tahiti for our 10th wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Moorea Lagoon before it was purchased by the Hilton group. We met your father there and he talked about your mother. It was only later I realized the beautiful lady running on the beach was your mother. One day, I rented a little jeep from the Resort. The resort’s owners packed a lunch for us and we ran into your father on the way to the car. He graciously offered his home down the road from the resort. We accepted and had a great picnic on the property. I sincerely hope you, your mother and yours are healthy and happy. Aloha nui loa, Greg

        1. Mark,
          Forgive my forgetfulness, I forgot I posted this info in 2016! We are watching reruns of Hawaii 50 and just decided to reply… again!

      4. I’ve been in love with this beautiful lady over 50 years. I hope she had a wonderful life and pray she is still doing well.
        Bless you Mark.

      5. I have been binge watching Hawaii Five O. I am 60 and always watched it when I was a kid. After watching, I can remember how breathtaking I thought she was even then. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I hope she is still well. What a beautiful treasure.

      6. Greetings, Mark.

        Is your lovely Mom still alive?

        Such a beautiful woman! I always loved the intro to Hawaii Five-0.

        I am Senior Supervisory Chaplain at Navy Region Hawaii here at Pearl Harbor.

  4. Ray,
    I’m enjoying your posts. I find it refreshing to return to our original love, the classic “Hawaii 50.” Keep up the good detective work and thanks for the link to the youtube video. I totally enjoyed it.
    Buffalo, nY USA – Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 05:02:19 (PDT) I read Nadja’s comment too and laughed. I thank her too for the kind reply and hope to meet you too someday in Hawaii. I’m going to finish off my mission to set the record straight about Elizabeth Logue. She would be 69 years old this year, if still alive and I believe she probably is. How appropriate it would be if she was to grace the opening sequence of the Hawaii Five- O remake, strolling along Waikiki beach. Why not think out of the box? I think I clearly established, several posts below, that she was 24 years old when she appeared in the October 8th, 1965 edition of Life Magazine. According to various sources, including IMDB, actor Andrew Duggan reportedly married dancer Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Logue in either 1953 or 1954. That would mean the Hawaii Five-O Elizabeth Logue would be about 12 or 13 years old when she married him. Clearly we’re talking about two different woman who just happen to have the same name:
    http://www.filmreference.com/film/94/Andrew-Duggan.html http://www.playbrass.com/kingspud/sel_by_actor_index_2.php?actor_first=Andrew&actor_last=Duggan
    Both Andrew Duggan and his wife, Elizabeth Logue, died within 3 weeks of each other in California: http://www.nytimes.com/1988/06/11/obituaries/elizabeth-duggan-dancer-56.html
    The most responsible and credible source, The Star Bulletin, NEVER EVER speculated on her death. Rather, they simply reported that Elizabeth Logue dropped out of sight in the early seventies after a brief one week marriage to a Las Vegas real estate mogul. http://archives.starbulletin.com/96/10/21/features/index.html
    The other Elizabeth Logue, married to Andrew Duggan, was busy raising THREE children during the late 60s, all around the time when Hawaii Five-O was in early production. Chronologically speaking, it does not make any sense whatsoever that the young model Elizabeth Logue, age 24 or so, the ‘girl on the beach’, would be the same domesticated wife of Andrew Duggan, age 36 or so, and who would later pass away in 1988 at age 56. http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1774&dat=19681208&id=F04gAAAAIBAJ&sjid=F78EAAAAIBAJ&pg=4088,2430319
    I will acknowledge that the same Andrew Duggan appeared in the pilot and several episodes of Hawaii Five O, but I submit that his wife’s name and apparent connection to Elizabeth Logue in the opening sequence is purely coincidental. The ages and career sketches of each Elizabeth Logue simply do not match up well when comparing several online sources. The close similarity between their names and apparent association with Andrew Duggan is probably what ultimately led to the erroneous and conflicting mixing of their biographical details. In the many Five-O youtube videos out there, I have read post after post declaring her passing in 1988 as if it was a known and well accepted fact, and I think it would be most unfair to her to have that myth continue to propagate on the net. I welcome any corrections or flawed reasoning. Best, Ray
    Portsmouth, NH USA – Monday, May 10, 2010 at 23:39:00 (PDT)

  5. Hello Nadja! Nice to hear from you. I’m picking up more airline trips to Hawaii these days, so life is good! I lurk more than I contribute on this forum these days, so I certainly don’t want to interrupt any discussions concerning DVD discounts. That being said, I sure wish Kimo was around so that I could poke some fun at him, in a nice way of course. At the risk of boring the membership with endless tedium about Ms. Logue, I want to just share more new info that I recently discovered about her. I wouldn’t want my death to be prematurely attributed to an online biographical source, so that’s why I’m bringing this up. The common understanding among many is that she was born in 1931, and passed away in 1988, at age 57. At the time of the pilot for Five-O, that would make her about 36. See link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0517790/bio. However, on page 86 of Life Magazine, 8 October 1965, it shows a lovely photo and cover story of the model, Elizabeth Logue: http://books.google.com/books?id=10sEAAAAMBAJ&lpg=PA84&ots=u57o2G8bMK&dq=the%20missing%20elizabeth%20logue%20hawaii%20five%20o&pg=PA86#v=onepage&q&f=false
    In the caption, it reads, “Her name is Elizabeth Logue, and she is 24.” That age would be more consistent with her selection as Miss ROTC, 1959, along with her modeling gigs, and position as a reservation agent for Hawaiian Airlines. Although some details of her life in the above links do appear correct and believable, the birth dates and year of her supposed passing are highly suspect, as well as her second husband. In other words, it may not even be the same woman. There is also considerable sources online that indicate Andrew Duggan married a ‘Betty Liz Logue’, a broadway dancer — but I’ll save that for another day. Suffice it to say, details of her life may have been erroneously mixed in with another ‘Liz’ Logue. Don’t always believe what you see in the IMDB or other online bio sketches. For all we know, she may still be living. Sorry in advance for my distracting content, and I hope I didn’t stray too far from Five-O discussion.
    Portsmouth, NH USA – Sunday, May 09, 2010 at 23:51:53 (PDT)

  6. For those of you who remember the girl on the beach during the opening sequence of Five-O, Elizabeth Louise Malamalamaokalani White Logue, she can be seen in this rare footage below that I located online. She introduces the film, Hawaii, and provides a brief narrative and travelogue of the islands. There is very little online information about her, which makes this piece so interesting. What a beautiful woman! Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC5Fpt6rRaA
    More trivia in reference to Elizabeth Logue can be found here:http://archives.starbulletin.com/1996/10/21/features/story1.html
    Portsmouth, NH USA – Sunday, May 09, 2010 at 22:30:30 (PDT)

  7. NOTE: I approved the above comments, despite the fact that they appear to be cut and pasted from another website (check the dates at the end of the comments!) because they seem to have interesting information in them.

    And note that I only provided the IMDB link as a quick reference. The “death date” I got in my first comment was from a SAG database (or something similar).

  8. Hi Jim,

    Sorry for the confusion. All of these posts were made by me, and extracted by me from Mike Quigley’s site on Hawaii Five O. He is arguably the best online source out there on all things, trivia and otherwise, concerning the original Hawaii Five O series. There is a guestbook where anyone can post anything of relevance, and it was from there that I cut and pasted my comments here onto your site.



    There has been much curiosity about Elizabeth Logue, and the mystery and lack of information about her has only added to her allure over time. I was hoping that ‘Susan’ above in your blog would respond and might have some factual information to contradict the ongoing speculation she did pass away in 1988 from cancer. I’m always looking for more clues to help keep the guestbook info updated. One thing that may be totally understandable is the possibility that if she is living, she has chosen to guard her privacy tenaciously and keep her living identity a closely held secret — thus, her seclusion would be totally understandable and should be respected. It would not surprise me in the least if that is the reason there is so little info on her, since there are many folks out there who do eschew cell phone communication and all forms of internet publicity. That would be very refreshing to say the least, but at the same time, it would be nice to know if she is doing well, and that there are legions of Hawaii Five O fans who extend our best wishes and will never forget her beautiful visage as the show opens.


    btw Jim, everyone thinks the same thing as you do when they see the conflicting data on the net. It’s very easy to come to the conclusion that she passed away of cancer in 88. No big deal. I’m the only nut-head out there who has been researching this for awhile to get to the bottom of the truth, because something just didn’t add up, when I looked into it more seriously. Just as I can’t prove she is still around, no one can prove to me yet that she has passed away either. That’s when I became very suspect of the internet info 0ut there being posted about her, and I decided to do my own research. So far, I feel I’m getting closer, and not further from the truth.

  9. I was enjoying the re-run of Hawaii 5-0 this evening and began to look up various subjects pertaining to the show. I came across this site and I thought that I would share my thoughts. I knew Elizabeth Louise Malamalamaokalani White Logue as we went to the University of Hawaii at Manoa and had English class together in l959. We became friends and ate lunch together three times a week. Elizabeth was a beautiful girl both in an out. She was modest about her good looks and actually was quite shy. We enjoyed each other ‘s company and she even visited and met my future husband in our little apartment. She married artist George Logue and they left for Tahiti for a while where he painted. I lost contact with her and I sincerely hope that she is living in privacy and is happy, although I read that she had passed away. I hope that is incorrect. May God bless her wherever she is as I have nice memories of a lovely young woman. Aloha and Mahalo!

  10. @Geraldine Willing:

    Ms. Willing — Thank you so much for sharing your memories of Elizabeth Logue. You are one of the very few, maybe even the only one, here online who has actually been able to corroborate the H. Star Bulletin’s reporting of Elizabeth Logue’s attendance at Univ of Hawaii in 1959. That event is key to establishing her age at that point in time in her life. More importantly, this chronology will be extremely helpful in refuting the bad data that I believe has been recorded on her biographical sketch on IMDB, and other references online, which have erroneously reported the unsubstantiated conclusion that she passed away in 1988. Perhaps too, this information on the internet may be able to be changed someday, if it can be refuted from other, more credible sources. Thanx to your testimony, I now firmly believe that the Elizabeth Logue who passed away in 1988, the wife of character Andrew Duggan, is not the same Elizabeth Logue you met while in college. Please don’t give up hope that your friend may still be living. Based on my extensive research, I think there’s a strong likelihood that she’s still around, and I hope you will one day have the opportunity to reunite. I have collected considerable research online that may help you in that quest, if interested. I would also like to ask you a couple questions, if you would not mind me contacting you offline. If so, please drop me a line at jetjocky767@yahoo.com at your convenience.


  11. OK…….I am one of the 3 children of Andrew and Elizabeth Duggan (nee Logue) She is NOT the same woman as the Elizabeth Logue of Hawaii 5-0. My mother was born August 10th 1932 and dies June 7th 1988. She was a broadway dancer who met my dad in the production of Paint Your Wagon. They were married for many happy years and both died in 1988. As much as it would be interesting to think my mother was polynesian she was not….Hope this clears a few things up. All of her Broadway credits are correct however. I do not know if the other Elizabeth Logue is alive or not. If my mother were still alive she would be 78 years old.
    Nancy Duggan Benson

  12. I am so glad that this has been cleared up. When I read the IMDB article I knew it had to be wrong. The age difference and place of birth threw everything off kilter. IMDB cannot be trusted. To Nancy, you might want to write an errors and omissions note to IMDB to get this cleaned up. As an immediate family member you can accomplish this much faster than anyone not related.

    About finding out more about our Miss Logue, has anyone thought of going through the Alumni association at the University of Hawaii? I would think that the school would have some sort of record of her attending and of her age, etc. Perhaps you Ms. Willing as one of her former classmates might be able to find something as many alumni assn’s do not let non-members look for info on students.

    On a side note, I fell in love with that wonderful image of that incredible beauty when I first saw the show at about five years old. She was the living image of my godmother Natasha who was a mix of Japanese, French, Polynesian and African-American. ( I was in love with her too.) Many people actually asked her if she was “that woman” in the opening sequence to Hawaii Five-O. Having never modeled before but being breathtakingly beautiful she kind of found it amusing. My godmother is also about two or three years older than her and is still alive and kicking.

  13. André, thanx for your note. In addition to a whole lot of info I posted above, there have been a couple posts recently by alleged family members of Elizabeth Logue. One that I consider quite believable came from a post on another blog by Ms. Kaisha Trzaska:

    “Liz is still alive. She goes under her new husbands last name. Trust me there is no mystery about her being dead and don’t know why they list her as dead. I’m related by marriage.”

    Posted by: Kaisha Trzaska | September 16, 2010 at 12:26 AM

    That blog, which is very fascinating and spends a bit of time addressing this subject can be found here: http://baltimorediary.typepad.com/baltimore_diary/2010/08/book-em-danno.html

    Another source which I’m a bit ambivalent about, but could be true can be found in the comments section of this rare video of Elizabeth Logue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC5Fpt6rRaA

    Hope this helps…would like to shake the trees a bit more and see if we can obtain better corroboration from credible sources. I’d like to see the producers of the new Five O bring her back for a brief cameo.

    Thanx again André for offering a suggestion or two.


  14. With the new 5-0 show having started, it renewed my curiosity in the old show and I found a You Tube of the original show’s intro. I am just as much stunned by the model in the intro’s beauty today as I was as a child watching the show. This motivated me to do some web searches to find out who she is. Apparently she was known as Ms. Logue at some time in her life.

    It would be great if they had her make a guest appearance in the current show, even if her physical beauty hasn’t held up well (I don’t know whether it has or not). I am sure there are many thousands (even tens of thousands) of men 35 and older who would watch the episode to see the object of their youthful crush, probably many women as well. I think the new 5-0 would get some great new exposure and new viewers.

  15. David,

    You said so well what many of us already are speculating and hope will happen. A cameo appearance of Liz Logue, anywhere, would be a ‘bowl of kewel,’ to quote one blogger, especially in light of ‘Danno Williams’ unfortunate passing. There are very few, if any, original cast still living, and those who did enjoy limited exposure as bit players or opening sequence icons who are still living should have one last hurrah as the new series evolves. I hope someone is listening.

  16. Concerning the Hawaiian lady we all noticed in the opening credits; Elizabeth Logue is probably living in Hawaii and is not in the public limelight 4 whatever reason. She is 69 yrs old @ this time but I really do not know if shes here or not. I hope so ‘koz she was extremely attractive 2 say the least. If u c her tell her I sed ‘hi’. Note* Hi Elizabeth! ( she has a long Hawaiian last name and I think ‘Logue’ is from a previous marriage, I dunno )

  17. James,

    Good sources have disclosed she is alive and well, not living in Hawaii. I suspect she’s very publicity shy and guards her privacy tenaciously — that is totally understandable and is to be respected of course, but still, her family has conveyed their appreciation and thanx for our interest in Elizabeth Logue and loyalty to Five O.

    I’ll give you two links/blogs which will clarify in detail your speculation:


    Read the stream of comments below this video:

  18. Elizabeth was in an obscure Italian film, also released in France, called Odyssée Nue, circa 1961, shot on location in Tahiti. It won a Silver Ribbon for Best Cinematography by the famed Allessandro D’Eva. Place this in your URL: http://tinyurl.com/23xgz7h — Et Voilà! What a gorgeous pic of Miss? Liz on the cover of the soundtrack, age 21 or so. It doesn’t get any better than this! Maybe not so much in the U.S., but movie obscurity, especially retro in nature, is huge in Europe. I lived in France for a bit. Contact me offline for translation, if you wish. I’ll be trying to correspond with the distribution folks over there to see if I can get them to roll out a DVD someday.

  19. The lady from the Hawaii 5-0 intro is not deceased. Again, SHE IS NOT DECEASED.

    (Some of you are confusing her with a 56 year old who passed on in 1988. That is not her.)

  20. I really enjoyed reading your webpage, as my family is from Hawaii.
    It is good to hear that the actress is alive, well, and has family.
    Best wishes to her!
    Shaka brah!

  21. She is now part of the beautiful Hawaiian culture and rich heritage we have come to cherish, love, and remember. She and Jack Lord, the wonderful Hawaiian people, and all the loveliness thaat is Hawaii, will live forever in our hearts…and our souls. Mahalo! Aloha.

  22. For those who cannot get enough visual imagery of Elizabeth Logue, I painstakingly went through the entire movie, Hawaii, in which she appeared in the role of “Noelani,” along with Oscar nominated actors, Max Von Sydow and Julie Andrews. I located most, if not all, of the scenes in which she appeared, so that you can capture a more comprehensive look of her acting talent and quintessential Hawaiian beauty. Enjoy!

    Part 5, Hawaii….at exactly 6 minutes, 26 seconds you will see Noelani (Liz) yelling for her brother, ‘KEOKI, KEOKI!’ in her little girl voice. Keoki then gets a dressing down from Reverend Hale for his intention of marrying Noelani, his sister:

    Part 7, Hawaii….at exactly 4 minutes and 35 seconds, you will see Noelani screaming and fighting off the ‘sailors’, ‘whalers’, who are trying to abduct, molest and rape her. During her show of anger, she tosses a pretty mean stick at veteran actor Richard Harris:

    Part 8, Hawaii…at exactly 3 minutes, 21 seconds, you’ll see Noelani speaking to her brother in Hawaiian, lamenting her estrangement from her brother, prompted by Reverend Hale’s admonition and condemnation of their union, and his reluctance to name Keoki as a minister.

    Part 9….at 1: 55 minutes, Noelani seen standing next to her brother and her mother, Queen Malama, as she dictates the newly adopted ‘Christian’ laws to her people:

    Part 12….at 3 minutes, 30 seconds until 4 minutes, 30 seconds, you will see Noelani and her brother grieving their mother’s passing:

    Part 13, right at the beginning, you’ll see the wedding ceremony of Keoki and Noelani….Noelani gives Reverend Hale a piece of her mind, and banishes him from her sight:

  23. I can only say I hope so much that she is still alive and doing well. Her image will forever be in my mind; such a beautiful woman. Hopefully some day she will resurface just to let us all know that she is alive and well.

  24. Hello Brett,

    Although anyone could post on here, and say whatever they wish, you will simply have to take a leap of faith in believing what I know and have shared here on Jim’s blog. I was in touch awhile back with one member of Elizabeth’s extended family, as well as her college friend. I can assure you with near 100 percent certainty that she is healthy and doing just fine, living a very private life, far from the public eye, while happily married to her third husband. She lives somewhere in the USA, and under a different name. I will never disclose either her location nor her name, but rest assured she is still around, and sincerely appreciates all of the fan interest out there, past and present. My impression is that Elizabeth is very publicity shy and modest, who eschews being in the public eye, enjoys a normal life like any of us would prefer, and embraces her privacy tenaciously. The suggestion of her maybe appearing in a small cameo role has been broached with Liz, and althought I sense she is extremely flattered, she has indicated that she would prefer more than anything else to be remembered by fans as she was, and does not in any way wish to distract from that, or the current production of the new series, by appearing in some cameo. That kind of self deprecation and humility is enormously impressive, and although I, for one, would be ecstatic to see her appear in a segment of the new Hawaii Five O, we all should be happy and respectuful of her choice, and wish her well as she continues to enjoy her sunset years. I believe she is in excellent health, and will turn 70 this summer, so I hope fans will join me in wishing her Happy Birthday, with the hope that she will celebrate many more birthdays to come, long into the future.

  25. Ray,

    Thanks for the reply to my message. It is good to know that Elizabeth is still with us and in good health. I don’t blame her at all for wanting to remain out of the public eye. People are so forceful and overbearing, I think she will remain much happier staying out of the limelight. Although I wish she would make even a small appearance somewhere for any reason I do want her happiness and privacy to come first. She must be very overwhelmed with all the fan appreciation. She certainly deserves all the best. Please keep any updates posted here so we know if Elizabeth ever decides to appear again. If she doesn’t though it is comforting to know she is alive and well. (And I have a feeling still very very beautiful.)

  26. I’ve enjoyed reading this throughout and although initially saddened to learn about Elizabeth (rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated) Logue, you rectified that quickly, so in the space of a minute I had gone from grief to joy.
    Anyway, I stuck around further and read your “About Me” page which was really entertaining and right on the button.


  28. EE Tomko…wrong, but that was funny. “You heard?” Your source?

    Peter Lemongello’s wife’s name is Karen. Elizabeth Logue lives under a different name, and her husband is NOT Peter Lemongello!

  29. So she is a ‘Mystery woman’ which is fine for me she is like a Hawaiian-Chinese-Caucasian version of the Mona Lisa. She was one of the prettiest women in my youth too. She has lea to my attraction to Asian women…. although she is not 100% Asian. According to the birthday they have here she would have been 37 when Hawaii Five-o came out. That seems a little old. But oh well.

  30. Hi Brian,

    Just a quick point of clarification. The debut of the original Hawaii Five O was in 1967-68 timeframe. Elizabeth was born in 1941, and that would have put her around 26 or 27 at that time, not 37.


  32. Hello Tavana,

    Yes, indeed..I do believe you are correct in that perhaps ‘the face that launched a thousand flights’ has been attributed to several women of that era, hula dancers, poster girls for the HVB, etc. I cite the following to suggest that both Rose Marie Alvaro and Elizabeth Logue were central figures during the dawn of the jet age when Hawaii became the 50th state, and travel began to quickly flourish thanks to an aggressive campaign by tourism officials:

    “Beimes was succeeded later by Beverly Rivera Noa, and Rose Marie Alvaro, a dancer who posed for four posters, and followed by Liz Logue, Tracy Monsarrat and Zoe Ann Roach, they became Hawaii’s best known representatives around the world.”


    Sadly, Rose Marie Alvaro passed away in 2002, however, Elizabeth Logue is still with us, and celebrated her 70th birthday this month, June, 2011:


  33. Ray,
    Was just curious if you have any updates on Ms. Logue? Hopefully all is still well with her. Thanks.

  34. Hi Brett,

    I am sure she is fine. My initial enthusiasm for sharing what little I knew of Elizabeth has caused me pause, and prompted me to step back and consider her privacy and that of her family. I am just like many of you who grew up watching the show, remembering the rolling wave and her beautiful iconic image introducing each new weekly episode. Lots of us are baby boomers, who are hooked on TV Land. We look back with fond remembrance on those nostalgic moments in television which anchored us during adolescence and helped in distracting us temporarily from the trauma of Vietnam, Watergate, political assassinations, civil rights mayhem, and the resignation of a President — and we just can’t help but resurrect those images in our mind that kept us balanced and happy while growing up in a crazy, turbulent period in American history.

    Without speculating too much, I can only surmise that being well out of the limelight is something very precious to Elizabeth, and the renewed fan interest and attention on her, by peering into her former life as a sixties icon, might be overwhelming and maybe even a bit alarming in some respects (maybe not…I really don’t know). Imagine if you enjoyed some notoriety earlier in life, and subsequently chose to withdraw from all of that intrusive media attention, opting to live a peaceful life somewhere far from away. You decide to pursue a normal life with a family, without succumbing to the overwhelming pressure to stay engaged in the business of show business, whether that be as a former model, actress, or ambassador for Hawaiian tourism. After many years of success living in relative obscurity, you arrive at the realization that you are truly free from that former media intrusion and have achieved a level of privacy that equals what you and I enjoy every day. You never know how precious that privacy is, until it is taken away from you. Suddenly it begins to unravel when the new Five O emerges, punctuated by resurgent fan interest, imploring former cast members to reappear out of nowhere in cameos, all while we debate the images of the ‘old’ versus the ‘new’. Instead of remembering things as they were, we want to resurrect, reform, and renew.

    I’m a victim, as are some of you, of the ‘where are they today?’ syndrome, and am very guilty of that retro impulse, if not more so, I suppose, as any other fan of Five O. But, when I first started this quest of finding out whether or not Elizabeth Logue was still alive (because something just didn’t add up in the IMDB database), I never realized it would take me down another road. That quest proved serendipitous for both Elizabeth and one other former close friend of hers, whom she met while attending the University of Hawaii. Through a bit of luck, I was able to put the two of them in touch, after not seeing each other for over 50 years. I wish to preserve and protect that delicate relationship at all costs, and do not want to do or say anything that might jeopardize that reunion. So, what I’m basically saying is, that what little I know, or may come to learn about Elizabeth, will go no further at this time. I have come to appreciate and am now more sensitive to her privacy concerns than I was when I first came online to chat about this with other fans. I may be wrong about my speculation, but I just sense it would be appreciated by her and her family. I think that if she, or someone from her family, were to come out and say hello to everyone, then I’m sure that will happen someday. She’s aware of the interest in her, but I would rather allow that process to evolve naturally, and without pressure from outside sources. There is plenty of publicly available information out there already to enjoy, which ostensibly has been corrected by her family, or other knowledgeable sources, so I’m sure you will no longer have to read about any more gross inaccuracies.

    If Elizabeth or someone from her family is reading this, rest assured that her name and location will never be disclosed by me — ever. Only her college friend and myself are privy to that info, and my promise is that I will never disclose that to anyone.

    Hope this helps, Brett.
    Take care.

  35. Ray,
    Thanks for commenting. I know all too well about privacy issues. Nobody has the privacy they wish they had. My only inquiry was to see if there was any new information on her as of late that may have come your way. I have a feeling past memories are what we all will have to live with concerning her and that is fine, they are sweet memories of a classy lady.

  36. While digging through a box of old scrapbooks, I came across a 1968 magazine advertisement of the Hawaii Visitors Bureau & State of Hawaii. I was just 9 then, living there. The ad includes a photo of Elizabeth Logue in the water with two others. Her name is listed on the ad, which took me to google, which brought me here. If there is a way to post a photo of the ad let me know how and I will. Would be happy to share it!

  37. Jeff, I’d recommend just scanning the photo into your computer, or have a friend with a scanner do it for you. Then save it to one of the common text/photo formats, pdf, whatever, and then post it here. May have to get Mr. Cofer’s permission to do so, but I’m sure if it’s a legit pic from a published source, I can’t see why not? That might be a rare image you have if it’s from an old scrapbook….What magazine is it? Life? If so, I think that one has been floating around the net for awhile, but if it has a couple other girls in it, it might be something unique and yet unseen by many of this generation.

  38. Hi folks!

    I’d be happy to host a scan of Ms. Logue. I’m not sure how to post it in the comments, but I could easily put it in a new post.

    – Jim

  39. Hi Y’all;
    Like many GIs in Vietnam, I fell in love with the image of Elizabeth Logue in the brochures and magazine ads intended to lure GIs to Hawaii for R & R. When I actually moved to Hawaii in 1971, I was newly married, so did not try to “look her up”. I’m sure many GIs did try to find her, which may be a factor in her desire for privacy. I never connected her with the girl in the Hawaii 5-O intro??, but I did work with Phronsie Sanders, who was in the pilot episode with Jack Lord.


  40. She is very much still alive! I thought she has passed on, too. That’s why I went and did a research on her today. My boyfriend was convincing me that he saw her today while visiting his Doctor in Newport Beach (she was exiting and he was entering). When he got to the Doctor’s office – he asked who the woman was who just left because he thought he recognized her. It was confirmed that it was indeed Elizabeth Logue – the model from the Hawaii Five-O opening scene. She lives in O.C. and very much alive and still looks good.

  41. I am currently watching (one or two a day of) all of the old episodes of Hawaii Five-O, with aired when I was a young man in my 20’s; I’m now late into H5-O, Season 7. Seeing that oh, so attractive girl at least once a day for the last several weeks, I decided to spend some time searching for what had happened to her. I was delighted to have found this site and appreciate all the time and effort people have spent doing similar searches, not to mention the beautiful photo’s of Liz when she was in her 20’s.

    I am posting this because on April of last year, Ray posted links to excerpts from Hawaii, in which Liz appeared. Unfortunately, those links are broken. If Ray can let me know here or just sent the info to my email address (jle@aimdc.ca), I would be most appreciative.


  42. Jack,

    Give me a bit to muster up that info via another format. I did notice that too. Apparently, somebody in Warner Bros. pulled the content of that video sequence from the original host where I found the film on their youtube channel, therefore the links are bad. I’ll see what I can do…


  43. I found a wonderful publication published in 2006, entitled ‘Designing Paradise: The Allure of the Hawaiian Resort’, by Don Hibbard. On page 92, you? will see the lovely Elizabeth Logue featured with references to her role as an iconic image and spokeswoman representing the HVB during the heyday of Hawaiian tourism. http://tinyurl.com/9fxy2zo.


  44. I found a wonderful publication published in 2006, entitled ‘Designing Paradise: The Allure of the Hawaiian Resort’, by Don Hibbard. On page 92, you? will see the lovely Elizabeth Logue in her role as an iconic image representing the HVB’s promotional efforts to encourage more tourism to the islands following Hawaiian statehood and as jet aviation got underway in the early sixties.


  45. Wow! I’ve done several “Random Hottie” articles on my site. I usually just see a pretty actress and think “Wow! She’s pretty! I should post a couple of pictures on my site!” I’ve never had one of these articles kick off the interest that this one has! Seems like this page is becoming the storehouse for all information about Elizabeth Logue!

  46. Hi Jim,

    I haven’t heard back from Elizabeth lately, but I did just mail her a music soundtrack that hopefully will bring a smile to her face or evoke some nostalgic memories of a time, around age 19 or so, when she first appeared in that obscure film that Carlito refers to above. I doubt that she was aware of the fact that, for the first time in over 50 years, a digitally remastered CD has been released for the soundtrack of Odissea Nuda. I purchased it myself, and although it’s more orchestral, easy listening in nature, and a bit like elevator music to me, it is beautifully composed and has grown on me over time. The artist, Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, is extremely well renowned and has produced many quality soundtracks for Italian films. There is a beautifully done insert containing liner notes with all kinds of images from the film, including several great closeups of Elizabeth. Here is a link if anyone is interested:


    In reply to Carlito above, yes, I have seen that image before in reference to Odissea Nuda, however, it does not really look like Liz. I could be very wrong…as it’s hard to tell from various images I have researched on the net. I think that one in particular could be a pic resembling one of one of several island beauties, besides Elizabeth, who were cast in the film and who I have seen in various promotional movie posters. But, you could be right…after staring at it for a bit, I can see some resemblance. I’ll follow up this post with a few links that might clarify the situation. Thanx for hosting this forum Jim!

  47. On this ‘movie lobby card’, I believe Elizabeth can be seen in the two cards on the bottom, left and right, the one where she is placing a Lei around the neck of Enrico Salerno, and also the image directly above that one, (second from the bottom, right column): http://tinyurl.com/bvskbzm

  48. Here’s a fantastic image that I found on the official site of lead actor Enrico Maria Salerno. I read an interview where Patricia Dolores Donlon, American film actress and model who appeared in this film with him, called him the Italian Marlon Brando of that time. Here he is, sitting opposite Elizabeth Logue. I suspect this scene says it all without any dialog — mutual flirtation! I am so jealous…if that was me, I would have proposed right then and there! lol…http://tinyurl.com/d8hczgp

  49. Okay, to clarify the island beauties seen in the film Italian film, Odissea Nuda, I found a movie poster that illustrates several of the key cast members. IMHO, Elizabeth Logue is most definitely pictured as the SECOND cast member moving down from the top right. The other young ladies, 3 of them I believe, are Nathalie Grasse, Vaea Bennett, and Pauline Grasse. The leading lady is Patricia Dolores Donlon, and I think Enrico Salerno, the lead male actor must be lower right, although this pic doesn’t really look like him. Something doesn’t look right there…it doesn’t look like Enrico, but I could be wrong. As to Liz Logue, she is unmistakably the most attractive women on this poster, second from the top…I’m fairly sure. http://www.notrecinema.com/images/cache/l-odyssee-nue-_348478_34102.jpg

  50. Correction above! I’m so sorry for mis-spelling of cast names…that’s what I get when I post on a blog after a couple glasses of wine! lol…..Corrected post above should state: “The other young ladies, 3 of them I believe, are Nathalie Gasse, Vaea Bennett, and Pauline Rey.”

    Jim, feel free to alter posts above to reflect my errors. Also, please don’t hesitate to delete needless tedium. I monopolized your blog to a great extent, and please clean it up if it’s too busy. I think I put to bed that Elizabeth Logue is still alive, but it was overkill, and looking back on it, it will probably bore the masses. Please just edit and delete as you see fit, to keep this blog from getting too lost in detail. Best, Ray

  51. Hi Tiffany,

    Yes, I believe that Elizabeth had two sons, probably born in the early sixties. The age you cite for her younger son seems close, but I think he might be just a couple years older, late forties I suspect. He has popped up here and there online to let everyone know that he is her son, and that she is still alive and well. I can tell he has great affection, love and pride for his mom. Having lost my mother on the very day and year that Elizabeth lost her mom, I can very much relate to the bond between mother and child. I also believe her other oldest son is around 50 or so. I might be off by a couple years, so don’t take this as gospel, as it’s based on circumstantial stuff and the chronology of her life during the early sixties. Although I know their names, I will not disclose any more info of a personal nature regarding her family out of respect for Liz and her privacy. I received a very thoughtful, kind, and profound letter from Elizabeth that impressed upon me her deep need and appreciation for privacy. Let’s all enjoy this blog, along with the unique, beautiful images of this sixties icon. At the same time, while reminiscing about a bygone era, I would encourage everyone to try and keep her present lifestyle and family situation in perspective, void of too much speculation and curious intrusion. I think she really appreciates the resurgent interest, but absolutely embraces her seclusion and staying out of the limelight.

  52. I’m watching the entire original Hawaii Five-O. Amazingly, the opening scenes in which she is so central distinguishes it, and was an important aspect of its success, by setting the stage and the mood. She is stupefyingly beautiful – a Hawaiin gem. She probably had NO idea that the one-day’s work continue to give happiness to audiences 30 years on. Please thank her.

  53. I too think Elizabeth is a simply stunning beauty!! Here is a youtube clip of her in a 1966 Hawaii Tourist film… Enjoy!

  54. Elizabeth Logue was married to George Logue until his passing in 1997. She is since remarried living in California. She has two sons and to my knowledge, one grandson.

  55. Hi Sydney,

    With all due respect, Elizabeth had a second husband until 1997 or so, a very long marriage, and it was not to George Logue. I prefer not to mention his name. She then remarried, to her third husband around that time. As you suggested, she did have two boys with her first husband, George Logue, and she has a grandson, to the best of my knowledge. George Logue has in fact passed away. As to speculating where she lives today, I will not disclose nor confirm your claim, as I promised her I would not reveal her current name nor location out of respect for her privacy. She is very happy and enjoying her sunset years. I did receive a note from her awhile back, acknowledging my correspondence and am also in contact with her college friend. Hope this helps.


  56. Hi Ray,
    I have hidden my identity for a good reason. 🙂 I happen to be very close to her grandson, whose name begins with an S. We have known each other for awhile now and this is the information that I have gathered since knowing him. I have met his father and he is a wonderful man. The husband of hers that passed in 1997 died on her Grandson’s birthday in August and from my knowledge it was George. She lives near Los Angeles now with her new husband although I do not recall his name. Is there anyway that I can confirm to you that I am in fact telling the truth and not some crazed “fan”?

  57. Hi Sydney,

    No reason would I ever think you are a crazed fan, and I have no doubt what you are saying, however, I’m privy to some info that I found on the internet and which was later confirmed by the correspondence I shared with a woman who went to college with Elizabeth. I actually was able to put her in touch with Elizabeth, since they had not seen nor heard from each other in over 50 years. Because I have perceived that Elizabeth is very private, maybe even publicity shy, I absolutely will not ever divulge anything that I have learned through accident or familiarity with her of from her college friend. I do know she was married to a second husband, after George, and is now married to her third. It was her second husband whom she remain married to for many years, and who helped raise her two sons. Yes, I learned that George did pass away, but I also am very sure of her second marriage which followed George. The name of her second husband is probably a sensitive issue, as is her location, and current name. I absolutely cannot and will not say more, since that kind of info could lead to curiosity seekers on her whereabouts. I think I saw a post by her current husband somewhere online which spoke volumes about his love for her…you’re right. He seems like a terrific guy and I wish them only the very best. I received one very nice and brief correspondence from Elizabeth, thanking me for my goodwill and respect for her privacy, which made my day. My only wish was to put her in touch with her friend from her college days, who wanted to know if she was still alive. Through some fortuitous circumstances and a contact with an extended relative, I was able to locate her, and put the two of them in touch. That’s all I know and wish to say.

  58. It has been awhile since I last posted on here, and it’s time to liven up this blog with a very fascinating video clip that I recently found online. I believe, for the first time ever since the rare and obscure film Nude Odyssey first appeared on 35 mm in the early 1960s, a digital color trailer for the film has now been released online. I have no idea if this is a precursor for a digital release of the film online, but I have seen a few references to the film possibly being available under an Italian label, which may require a subscription to watch. I’m not sure though and I haven’t tried to download it. The trailer may simply be an initial marketing tool to gauge any potential interest, and if economically feasible, the entire film itself may one be available for viewing online or on DVD.

    This film represents the very earliest images you will ever find of the beautiful Elizabeth Logue, that Jim Cofer has so kindly agreed to host on this blog. Released circa 1961 or so, I would guess Elizabeth had just finished college and was now on location in Tahiti, age 20 or 21, based on her date of birth. Without going into a lot of detail, which you can find on your own by googling the film title, Elizabeth appeared as a romantic love interest opposite Enrico Salerno, a famed and very prolific Italian actor who appeared in over 120 films before his passing in 1994. Described by actress Dolores Donlon as another Marlon Brando, he can be seen in this trailer clip, opposite Elizabeth Logue, in several flirtatious exchanges, just before the video suddenly ends, teasingly enticing us to want to see more of what may evolve between them.

    This rare film, although hardly of any known interest to most of us, does have a few European cultists, who ostensibly are trying to expose us to something uniquely fascinating, rare, and widely overlooked. The rarity of the film however does not detract from the fact that it actually garnered several award nominations, including a Silver Ribbon for best cinematography. If you ever google movie posters for this film, you will notice just how expensive they are, due to the rarity factor, and obscure content.

    Below is the YouTube trailer of Nude Odyssey, otherwise known as:

    1. Oddisea Nuda
    2. L’odyssee Nue
    3. Diary of a Voyage in the South Pacific
    4. Love — Tahiti Style

    At precisely 3:21, Elizabeth Logue emerges from a small boat, and coyly glances back at Enrico as he gazes upon her with raptured attention.

    At precisely 5:38, Enrico passes by Elizabeth and stares intently at her while she lays next to a sibling, only to be quickly shuttled away by his impatient host intent on keeping them apart and escorting him to his guest quarters.

    Finally, Elizabeth invites herself to where he will spend the evening and they have an interestingly playful interlude in a dialect neither of them understand. As she removes the flower from her hair, and Enrico looks longingly upon her exotic beauty and enjoys her subtle flirtation, the trailer ends.


    I look forward to your discussion. Isn’t she the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen? I think so.

  59. Hello ray. I’m not sure who you are but I would like to talk with you . I would like to know more about ms. Logue

  60. Ms logue seems lovely in every possible way. Her voice is so warm and peaceful! I love the film she narrates about Hawaii on 1966. Thanks for sharing.

  61. Hi Ray, how do I ask you a question about Elizabeth that is private and prefer to keep it between you and me?

    1. Hi Claudia..just provide Jim Cofer with your email address and permission for me to contact you and I’ll drop you a line. Best, Ray

      1. Ray,

        I received your message and here’s my email address. Hope you receive it. Mahalo.

  62. For the first time since the early sixties, Odissea Nuda, which featured a very young Elizabeth Logue, circa 1960-61, was featured during a one time screening on Oct 19 2015, at the Rome Film Festival. This brief synopsis and photo shows actor Enrico Salerno and another Tahitian actress who appeared in the film (not Elizabeth Logue). A soundtrack for the film has already been released, which I alluded to earlier in this blog. There are now several clips of the film online which can be viewed, and the film restoration in brilliant color is of phenomenal quality. I hope someday we will be able to view it online, or by DVD.


  63. See my previous comment above. Clips for Odissea Nuda to follow. In clip 2, you will see the beautiful Elizabeth Logue emerging from a small boat, and flirtatiously glancing back at Enrico Salerno, and later in the same clip, you see her lying on a bed cot, and gazing intently at Enrico as he is led away to his quarters by a hostess. I believe clip 5 features Vaea Bennett (the second Tahitian girl who appears at the end of the clip), who met Marlon Brando and was rumored allegedly to have been offered a minor role in the film Mutiny on the Bounty.

    Clip 1 – http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/multimedia/copertina/odissea-nuda-clip-1/33551062/1/1

    Clip 2 – http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/multimedia/film/odissea-nuda-clip-2/33551067/1/6

    Clip 4 – http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/multimedia/film/odissea-nuda-clip-4/33551072/1/1

    Clip 5 – http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/multimedia/copertina/odissea-nuda-clip-5/33551077/1/1

  64. George Logue was well known on the Island of Moorea. He designed and built a beautiful home on the windward side of Moorea and collaborated on many resorts on the island. My wife and I spent 2 glorious weeks at the Moorea Lagoon in 1981. George also played piano at the resort. One day we rented a car from the resort and as we were leaving, we met George coming into the resort. George suggested we picnic at his place a few miles west of the resort. We took him up on is offer and had a great day all to ourselves. I seem to remember George looked somewhat like Hoagy Carmichael.

    1. George Logue was my Father. Thank you. It makes me so happy to find friends of his. I miss him dearly

      Mark George Logue

  65. She is not dead. She is my Mother. She has no Son named Richard. We are Mark and Christian Logue. She is 77 and still beautiful, and happily married to a good man. Thank you for this page. She has always treasured her years in the entertainment industry.

    1. Hallo Mark!
      I’ve just stumbled across this posting in the hope of identifying the beautiful woman who has stayed with me all those years since my teens when I was a fan of the original ‘Hawaii Five-O’. Now I know – Elizabeth Logue! And I am so happy to learn from you that your mother is still very much with us. I’m only five years her junior, but please tell her from me that she alone was responsible for fostering my love of raven-haired females!

      1. Mark….recently watching Hawaii 50 reruns. Glad to hear your mother is doing well, after all these years. We are of the same age, she and I, and life doesn’t get any easier. In my opinion, she is one of the good ones…semper Fi.

  66. Fantastic compilation of images and good summary of Elizabeth Logue’s distant past by a French blogger. He even makes a passing reference to reports of her mistaken identity, as well as to Gerri, the college friend of Elizabeth Logue to whom I responded to earlier here on this blog, and with whom I was able to put the two of them in touch by correspondence. Unfortunately, this is in French, which I understand. I can translate if you have a curious question or two about the content. In any case, enjoy the images! A couple new ones on here, especially the color cover of Life Magazine. Well done!


  67. Mark,

    Such a wonderful surprise to hear from you on here! I’m well aware of you and your brother…a great fan, btw, of his music in the eighties when I was in the Air Force and lived in Southern California. I helped to put your mom in touch with Gerri, her college girlfriend….it was a serendipitous reunion on the phone, but unfortunately they have again lost touch. Gerri would love to reconnect with your mom again.

    I thank you so much for coming out of nowhere to say hello. Your mom is very special to fans of Hawaii Five O. She did send me a wonderful HAND WRITTEN ‘gold embossed’ note to me personally ( such a classy gesture….who does that anymore?), thanking me for contacting her and for my goodwill and discretion. I made a promise to her to never reveal her new name or location to any fan, and I’ve adamantly kept that promise out of respect for her privacy and her family….but it’s so nice to hear from you on here!


  68. Below is a wonderful tribute to Hawaiian beauty, past and present, particularly the YouTube video segment showcasing that look in the 1960s, “emulating the long flowing locks” of Elizabeth Logue. After reading a few of the comments within the link below, I truly hope this was not seen by many as a gross misinterpretation and stereotype of Hawaiian women. But, being a mainland Haole, I’m probably naive and ignorant of the subtle cultural nuances of the following. Please forgive me if this link comes across as insensitive to anyone. It’s not my intention, but I simply found this panoply of images through the decades interesting and beautiful. I have wonderful respect for the Hawaiian nation, and appreciate their protest against things that have intrusively been promulgated by white, mainland influence, and which have, in some irreverent way, chipped away at their identity and cultural legacy.


  69. Hi, I guess I am a little late to this party. My sister attended Bradley University in Peoria IL. from 1966 until 1970. Everytime this show came on she would say “there is Liz”. She always told me they were dorm mates, but I don’t know if she was attending later in life (26-28 years old) or what the story was.
    Can anyone confirm or deny that she may have gone to Bradley for her studies, perhaps graduate work…they specialize in business, science and education and at 1 time was strictly a woman’s school.

  70. Hallo Mark!
    I’ve just stumbled across this posting in the hope of identifying the beautiful woman who has stayed with me all those years since my teens when I was a fan of the original ‘Hawaii Five-O’. Now I know – Elizabeth Logue! And I am so happy to learn from you that your mother is still very much with us. I’m only five years her junior, but please tell her from me that she alone was responsible for fostering my love of raven-haired females!

  71. Hello, fans and relatives should pay tribute to Elizabeth Logue M.W about her interesting filmographic work, but without saying her current name and not giving details of her privacy data.

    1. Aliz,

      Thank you for that reminder! And thx to everyone else for respecting her privacy by not revealing her current name and location.

      Speaking of interesting film work, I just located this film clip that was at one time removed online, ostensibly due to copyright issues, but has now reappeared on YouTube. This rare cult film was made in Italy, circa 1960-61, and to the best of my knowledge hasn’t yet been converted or reproduced into digital DVD, so maybe there are plans for that and they do not want to yet release much online. I hope they do release the entire film someday in DVD format with English subtitles so that we can purchase a copy or view by subscription. In any event, this is Elizabeth Logue’s first appearance in a color film production on location in Tahiti. I would estimate that she is about 20 or 21 years old here, and was probably selected by the film director right around the time when she was either still attending or just graduating from college in Hawaii. She also married George Logue around this time. The film title is Odissea Nuda. The cinematography is absolutely beautiful. Elizabeth can be seen at approximately 3:00 minutes into the film clip, emerging from a small boat. She turns and glances flirtatiously towards the lead male actor, Enrico Salerno. Enjoy!


  72. For the first time, the rare and obscure film, Nude Odyssey (Oddisea Nuda), which first appeared on 35 mm in the early 1960s, has now been released entirely on YouTube, unfortunately without English subtitles. Still, it’s enjoyable to watch if for no other reason than to appreciate the attractive cast and beauty of this tropical paradise. The film represents the very earliest images you will ever find of the beautiful Elizabeth Logue, that Jim Cofer has so kindly agreed to host on this blog. Released circa 1961 or so, I would guess Elizabeth was in college and was now on location in Tahiti, age 19 or 20 I believe, based on her date of birth. Without going into a lot of detail, which you can find on your own by googling the film title, Elizabeth appeared as a romantic love interest opposite Enrico Salerno, a famed and very prolific Italian actor who appeared in over 120 films before his passing in 1994. Described by Nude Odyssey actress, Dolores Donlon, as the Italian Marlon Brando, he can be seen opposite Elizabeth Logue in several scenes, which I will better highlight by identifying the exact time sequence in the film so that you can easily scroll to those segments where she appears.

    This rare film, although hardly of any known interest to most of us, does have a few cultists, who ostensibly are trying to expose us to something uniquely fascinating, rare, and widely overlooked. The rarity of the film however does not detract from the fact that it actually garnered several award nominations for best director, Franco Rossi, best actor, Enrico Salerno, a Silver Ribbon for best cinematography by Alessandro D’Eva, and notable praise for the soundtrack by the famous Italian composer, Angelo Francesco Lavagnino . If you ever google movie posters for this film, you will also notice just how expensive they are, due to the rarity factor, and obscure content.

    I have also sourced an online merchant which sells the entire DVD with English subtitles for $12. I am happy to share that source if anyone is interested. I’m sure that eventually, the free online link to the YouTube video below will add subtitles.

    I have watched the film several times and have read the synopsis. From my limited Italian, when I used to live in Rome, I have made some sense of the dialog. It’s actually a very touching and moving film, and has a very heavy and profound message on the meaning of life. I dare say, that some of us men who go through various periods of mid-life crisis along the way in life can benefit from watching this film. It’s indeed befitting, that for those of us who are fans of Elizabeth Logue, we get to see her close the film saying goodbye to Enrico. I can only make out a few words in that sad ending, but realizing that she may never see Enrico again, I think she is asking him if she can have or continue watching over his little house hut on the beach. Not sure on the exact meaning, but it seems apparent that Maeva (Elizabeth Logue) has grown attached to him and his little bungalow on the water. He softly answers yes. Then, she asks about the poltrona…Italian for armchair. Again, he says yes. Finally, she asks “Siempre?”…He softly answers….”yes, Siempre” which I believe means “forever.” There seems to be the sudden realization between them both that they may never see each other again. END OF FILM….reach for for your hankie… If anyone has a better grasp on Italian please chime in and correct any of my misinterpretation.

    Without further adieu, here is the entire film. Below the link are the timeline sequences I identified where Elizabeth Logue is featured:


    2:53-8:25 (minutes)

    1:12-1:17 (hours)

    1:40- END (hours)

    1. Subtitles are available for the film.
      If you use a PC or the YouTube app subtitles will show up.
      However if you try on the YouTube page thru Firefox on Android phone no subtitles are available.
      Not sure about iPhones.
      Can also download the YouTube movie with subtitles by using the online software downsub.com.
      The movie is 360p so not HD but looks fine.

  73. Yes, a very beautiful face. I’m watching reruns and can’t believe how stunning she is. Glad she is still living, I wish her all the best


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