Can I just rant for a minute here?

I’m SO FREAKIN’ SICK of seeing things like this on Internet message boards:

“Don’t use Microsoft software. They’re evil. Use Gmail instead. I use Gmail for my email, Google Voice for voicemail, Google Domains to host my small business, Google Apps to edit work-related documents, Google DNS for name resolution and, of course, Google for searching. I couldn’t be happier!”

Really? Seriously? You let Google index your email, transcribe your voicemail messages, scan and index your business website, scan and index your business documents, keep track of every DNS lookup your perform, and keep track of every search you make… and you’re happy about it? Google knows more about you than your wife and mother combined, yet whenever Windows wants to “phone home” to see if any important updates are available you scream bloody murder… Seriously? How naive are you, really?

Sometimes the mind boggles.

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