Big Brother moving to North Carolina?

I wanted to write a long, beautiful treatise against this, but I just can’t. I read the article and was just too shocked, stunned and gobsmacked to write a single word about it. So I’ll just let the article speak for itself:

If you are taking a painkiller, law enforcement wants to know about it.

The N.C. Sheriff’s Association met with a legislative study committee Tuesday to discuss ways sheriffs can access pharmacy records of people taking high-powered painkillers like Percocet, Vicodin, Xanax and OxyContin.

Eddie Caldwell, a lobbyist for the N.C. Sheriff’s Association, said they want to set up a system to stop overdoses.

No legislation has been drafted but the association and the oversight committee plan to present a package to the General Assembly in 2011 that will outline what kind of power they want. It will stipulate how deep into the public’s medicine cabinets they will reach and what law enforcement officers will do with the information.

Between this, warrentless searches of electronic devices and Obamacare, I’m really starting to wonder what fucking country I live in these days. It’s all the more shocking because this comes out just days after Fidel Castro admitted that the “Cuban model” isn’t working any more. So, just as one of the worst dictatorships in the Western hemisphere shows signs of loosening up… the Land of the (Formerly) Free shows signs of cozying up to Ingsoc.

Big Brother

If you check out the Gaston Gazette link below, be sure to check out the comments. “I think it’s time for a lawsuit”, some say. I say it’s time for a Second American Revolution! That, or are the islands ready yet?

via the Gaston Gazette.

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