Monday’s News

From the International News Desk (or, as I just call it… my desk) at… let’s do the news:

– Don’t like your home or business showing up in Google Maps? Then Google CEO Eric Schmidt has a helpful suggestion: just move! Somehow Microsoft is still the “evil” company out there, yet Schmidt recently told The Atlantic that his company’s policy was to “get right up to the creepy line and not cross it”. Yeah, I trust them with that!

– Prostitutes in one area of Spain have been ordered to wear fluorescent safety jackets. It seems that working girls near the town of Els Alamus ply their trade on a highway just outside of town, and the measure was put in place to ensure their safety. The linked article also notes that prostitution is not illegal in Spain, that there are an estimated 300,000 prostitutes in the county, 95% of them are from North Africa or South America, and a whopping 25% of Spanish men admit to using their services.

– Speaking of whores, The Episcopal Church is shutting down several services in an attempt to save money… instead of just, you know, not suing their parishioners. The “church’s” legal bills are expected to be in the $3m range this year, and the cuts are expected to save $2.1m. What’s worse? Many of the items being cut actually generate revenue for the “church”.

– Sony has ceased production of the cassette Walkman in Japan. I bet you didn’t even know they still made them in the first place, huh? Apparently they’ll still be manufactured in China, for some reason.

– Mobile phones can’t cause cancer. You know who says so? The laws of physics.

– Britain’s decent into politically correct mamby-pamby idiocy continues: several museums in the country are now covering up mummies or placing large warning signs about them… so as not to offend pagans. :eyeroll:

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