The Ecstasy

As a Steelers fan, I should be concerned with what goes on in the AFC North. And actually, I am. Every time the Ratbirds and Bungles lose I smile, and there’s a deep joy in my heart every time the Steelers beat the Brownies… which is often.

But as an AFC North fan, I get awfully tired of the national sports media slobbering all over the NFC Least. I couldn’t care less about the New York Giants, or the Philadelphia Eagles, or the Deadskins… but I do have a special hate for the Dallas Cowboys. This hate, born in the 70s, used to get deeper and deeper every year… but it’s more like pity. Now that the Cowboys have Tony Romo, I laugh like Vincent Price every time he bungles a snap or throws a pick at the worst possible time… which is, like the Steelers beating the Browns, quite often.

Imagine my joy when I saw this on Sunday:


heh. No, I’m not laughing because Tony Romo is hurt. He’ll get better, and as I understand it, he won’t even need surgery. I laugh because it just makes me happy to see the SS Jerry Jones going down like the friggin’ Titanic with Wade Phillips at the helm. And the amazing thing is that Dallas has talent. To ape Winston Churchill, never was so little done by so many with so much talent. It almost makes me wish that someone would take highlights from Dallas’ season, speed them up, and put the whole thing to the theme song from The Benny Hill Show. Oh wait:


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