Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-31

  • Soooooo full of Thai black pepper chicken… and La La Jalapeno… and Thai basil chicken… and egg rolls… and fried rice! #
  • has a new DVD burner. It cost $16.99. Remember when burners only burned CDs at 2x and cost $400? #
  • The Mac Book Air: netbook-level hardware at a high-end laptop price! #
  • I just got a friend request on MySpace from Kate Walsh (yes, the actress). WTF?!? #
  • R.I.P., Danno #
  • "Liberalism gene" found (seriously). Could a medical solution be on the way? 🙂 #
  • Lisa made me banana chocolate chip pancakes for dinner… do I have the best girlfriend in the world or what? I love you, hunny! #
  • @mitomommy Yaaaaaaa! 🙂 How you're all well! in reply to mitomommy #
  • "Let me make a recommendation: filthy Vietnamese prostitute. And I'm not talking one you get on the pier. I'm talking the back of an alley, #
  • Bwhahahahaha!!! GO GATORS! #
  • Chloe: "Momma, whyfor you not bring me a chalupa?" #
  • What's my favorite Atlanta-based zombie TV show? Why "The Walking Dead", of course! Debuts TONIGHT at 10 on AMC! #

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