By now you’ve probably seen the commercials: Pizza Hut is now offering any large, three-topping pizza for only $10, with their famous “specialty pizzas” costing “just $2 more”.

But here’s the thing: many of their specialty pizzas only have three toppings. So instead of ordering the “Hawaiian pizza” for $12, you can order a large pizza with ham, bacon and pineapple for $10. Instead of paying $12 for a large “Pepperoni Lovers”, order a large with double pepperoni and extra cheese for $10. Instead of paying $12 for a large “Triple Meat Italiano”, get a large with pepperoni, Italian sausage and ham for $10.

I realize this isn’t going to save folks a lot of money, but I figure it might help folks with kids who might order pizza once a week or so.

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