Random Browsing Tips

Just a few random web browsing tips for this Veteran’s Day:

– With most web browsers, you can simply drag and drop images to your desktop (or any other folder). So instead of right-clicking on an image and using the “Save As…” dialog, just click a picture and drag it to your desktop!

– With most browsers, you can quickly go to the end of a long web page by pressing the END key on your keyboard. Conversely, if you’re at the end of a long web page and want to go back to the top, press the HOME key.

– With most web browsers, pressing the F6 key will highlight the text in the address bar, so instead of grabbing the mouse, highlighting the address, and typing a new one, just press F6 and type in the address.

– In Firefox, pressing CTRL+K will move the cursor to the search box, and pressing CTRL + DOWN ARROW will cycle through the available search engines.

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