Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-14

  • It was close, but I'll take the W! #
  • BREAKING: Mystery missile launched from Google headquarters; Skynet becomes self-aware! #
  • Thanks and God Bless, Vets! #
  • Boooo! AMC cancels "Rubicon": #
  • Now getting Sepinwall's RSS feed, whichis pure awesomeness! Why oh why did I waste so much time with the new (lame) @TVSquad? #
  • Anyone gonna be in the area of 49 & 485 on Saturday? Lisa's working, and I'd like to try Aloha Hawaiian BBQ for lunch. #
  • @TikiDarling Too bad "The IT Crowd" is a Channel 4 show, not BBC. #
  • SWEET! Go Falcons! Steeler fans everywhere thank you! #
  • Madonna's "Like a Virgin" album came out on this date… 26 YEARS AGO! I'm not old! I'm not old! I'm not old! #
  • Wade Philips: Fired. Marvin Lewis: Still employed. Ponder. #
  • Just saw a '64 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud in Belmont. Unusual. #
  • A reminder: Lisa has to work tomorrow, so if anyone would like to meet for lunch at Aloha Hawaiian BBQ on S. Tryon I'm game! #
  • A beautiful day, the sunroof open, cranking old Cardigans tunes… nice! #
  • Oh joy… another Panthers game on TV tomorrow! #

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