Sexy Saturday

Actually, I’m not really feelin’ “Sexy Saturday”. But I’ve had some of the pictures below on my desktop for a couple of weeks now, and it’s time to post them or get off the pot.

Here’s English actress Indira Varma. You might remember her as Niobe, wife of Lucius Vorenus, on the HBO series Rome. She’s currently got a starring role in the kick-ass Fox series Human Target; if you like action movies even a little bit, you should really check out that show!

Indira Varma

I’ve never been a fan of Drew Barrymore. I mean, she seems cool and all, if a bit “Hollywood flaky”… but she’s never really “done it” for me physically. However, I think she looks really pretty in this picture. I guess it’s partly because it’s black and white, and partly because it doesn’t really look a lot like “her”, if you know what I mean:

Drew Barrymore
(Click to enlarge)

Here’s an awesome picture of Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks. It can easily be resized as a desktop wallpaper:

Christina Hendricks wallpaper
(click to enlarge)

And lastly, here’s a picture of Katy Perry from the November issue of Cosmopolitan… just because I think she’s hot and my missus is so very sick and tired of her:

Katy Perry
(click to enlarge)

hehehehe! I love you, Lisa!

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