Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-28

  • had a lot of fun with his peeps last night! #
  • Feels better now that he’s washed the Milestone off him! #
  • Congratulations #CarolinaPanthers .. you have the worst record in #NFL #
  • Reason #3 Your Car Smells: That banana you “saved for later”. Enter Conan’s #20PinetreeAirFresheners Sweepstacular @ #
  • Pittsburgh Steelers done wrong by NFL – NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN: #
  • Reason #4 Your Car Smells: It’s haunted by pig farmer poltergeists. Conan’s #20PinetreeAirFresheners Sweepstacular @ #
  • Mystery of song from Mad Men “The Beautiful Girls” SOLVED! “Lonely Girl” by Jay Ramsey! THANK YOU Robert Earle! #
  • NOT A SCAM: $3 free credit for Amazon MP3 store. Expires 11/29, one per Amazon account. More here: #
  • Sir Edmond Halley’s is back! Wooo-hoooooo! #
  • has been busy raping the “free music” section at Amazon MP3. #
  • TFLN: “His drunk text included an attempt at quoting a Nyquil bottle in MLA format.” #
  • Reason #5 Your Car Smells: That clam juice smoothie spill. Enter Conan’s #20PinetreeAirFresheners Sweeps @ #
  • Fox to cancel “Fringe”, “Lie to Me” and “Human Target”? There goes any reason for me to watch Fox! #
  • Love @JohnCleese but why are 95% of his tweets about leaving or returning to Twitter? #
  • TODAY ONLY: Amazon MP3 has “Contra” by Vampire Weekend for only $1.99! It’s a damn fine album! #
  • Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! #
  • “Can you look at my PC? My IT guy worked on it for 2 hours and couldn’t fix it.” “I can fix it in less than 15 minutes”. Total time: 11 min. #
  • #MSFT just ruined a great product, for stupid reasons. #
  • Reason #6 Your Car Smells: Who knew loneliness had a smell? Enter the Chevy Cruze #20PinetreeAirFresheners Sweeps @ #
  • Great dinner with an old friend! #
  • “All the way, turtle!” #
  • Reason #6 Your Car Smells: Who knew loneliness had a smell? Enter the Chevy Cruze #20PinetreeAirFresheners Sweeps @ #
  • Album88 was hitting them out of the park last night!!! #

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