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No Ravens

HAHAHAHAHA! The Ratbirds went down!! Granted, the Steeler offense didn’t look that great, but let’s keep things in perspective: ever since the Ratbirds beat the Steelers earlier this season (when Reed missed two FGs and Charlie Batch was the QB, mind you), the Ratbirds have defeated five teams with a collective record of 19-36 (the Broncos, Bills, Dolphins and Panthers), and lost to the Pats and Falcons, who are 18-4. And you can make that 27-7 with the loss to Pittsburgh.

I get the feeling that the Ravens might be a little overranked, especially when you look at their offense, which was as anemic in the second half as the Steelers was in the first. It’s easy to criticize the Ravens for going for it on 4th down… but calling the pass when your team is up by four, it’s 2nd and 5, and there’s less than four minutes left in a game is mindbogglingly stupid. It worked out for us though… thanks, Troy!

And I’m normally not one to whine about calls… after all, if your team loses because of a blown call, you’re not doing it right. But WTF was up with the non-call on the hit on Miller? If that has been James Harrison making that hit, the NFL would have tried and executed him right on the field, then fined his lifeless corpse $75,000. As a rule, I hate conspiracy theories… but what’s going on between the Steelers and the officials lately? How about all those bogus calls in the Oakland game? Remember Ryan Clark hitting a receiver in the shoulder, underneath his pads, with his own shoulder and getting a helmet to helmet call? WTH? And somehow breaking Ben’s nose isn’t a penalty, but looking the wrong way at Tom Brady or Payton Manning (11 picks in his last 3 games, BTW) is a $50,000 fine? No wonder defensive players are fed up.

Here’s one more look at the hit:


For once, I agree with Old Man Collinsworth!


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