Internet Stupidity

So… Duran Duran released their new single yesterday as a free download from iTunes. Although I still have a $29+ credit at the iTunes store and will make every effort to buy the full album when it’s released on December 21, I’m still a greedy pirate at heart. I wanted to know if the album had leaked online yet, and to do that I searched Google for “duran duran” (“duran duran” is in quotes so Google will know that I’m search for the English pop band, and not boxer Roberto Duran or diver Cassius Duran; “” tells Google to only search the domain, once a haven for free music shared via sites like RapidShare).

Anyway, most of the top results were to blog posts linking to the new single at iTunes, but I also found this gem in a review of some new Koss headphones. These cans don’t “leak” very much, the review says, so you can listen to them without annoying the people around you. Or, as the reviewer says:

“Fellow commuters will never know that you are really listening to Duran Duran instead of Lincoln Park.”

First of all, it’s “Linkin Park“, you moron.

Secondly, and most importantly… in what possible universe is listening to Duran Duran worse than listening to Linkin Park? I mean… seriously!

It’s not just me, is it?

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