Friday’s Random Roundup!

– Two geniuses at Stanford have figured out an easy way to double communications bandwidth. Basically, it’s a filter (not unlike noise-canceling headphones) which allows transmitters to receive as they send. Take THAT, modern physics!

– More genius: some folks at Art Lebedev have designed USB thumb drives that can be printed on plain paper and simply thrown away when used. Cost would be mere pennies, so if a friend needed a file, you could just tear one off a “pad” and let him take it.

– Not “genius”, exactly, but at least sanity: a British court recently ruled that an IP address is not a person. In other words, just because the Media Police find an IP address sharing a file, that doesn’t mean the person holding the account is automatically the culprit. Hooray!

– In the “not genius, but clever” department: if you have an account at a URL shortener, remember that most of them offer link tracking. So if you want to know if someone clicked a link in an email, just use the shortener to track their behavior.

– During World War I, British pilots downed German airships… with exploding darts. Remember the Hindenburg disaster? Imagine flying above the Hindenburg in a rickey old biplane… with an exploding dart.. that’s about to recreate the Hindenburg all over again.

– It’s the cutest Puma t-shirt ever!


Have a great weekend, folks!

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