Killing Facebook’s “Theatre View”

If you’re a Facebook user, you probably know that the site frequently changes and updates things. Some of these updates are welcome, others are not. One of the least popular changes of late is “theatre view”, in which a black background is displayed around photos:


Sadly, there’s no easy way to get around this. Pages with theatre view enabled have “&theatre” added to the URL of the picture, so you’d think that it’d be easy to add a rule to AdBlock to kill this “feature”. Not so. You can simply reload the FB page, or add the following as a bookmarklet to accomplish the same thing:

javascript: window.location.reload()

But I wanted to fix this directly. And I found a nice Greasemonkey script that will do just that. But, as great as Greasemonkey is, I didn’t want to install it just for this one thing. So I found a way to convert the script to a Firefox extension! So, here it is… my very first Firefox extension:


The extension is around 7KB and works with FF versions 2.0 to (at least) 3.6.15. It is based on this Greasemonkey script by David J. Harvey, was complied using this online compiler, and is released under GPL version 3. Harvey says that the script works most of the time, but you may still see “theatre view” from time to time.

My extension is 100% safe, but if you’d like to download an almost identical extension from the official Mozilla site, click here.

NOTE: If you click on the link and are prompted to save the extension instead of installing it, download it to your desktop and then click File > Open File to install the extension manually. I don’t know why you don’t get the standard extension install prompt (it might be because I have AdBlock and several other features disabled for this site). I will look in to this as I have time.

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