AdBlock Plus in Internet Explorer 9?

One of the new features in Internet Explorer 9 is “Tracking Protection”. It’s an improvement on IE8’s “InPrivate Filtering” feature, which allowed users to block third-party tracking sites. Unlike InPrivate, which required a user to manually enable it, Tracking Protection is enabled at all times. Even better, Tracking Protection works through automatically updated lists provided by third-party vendors (InPrivate required the user to manually download and install blocking updates).

EasyList, the group that provides the filters which power longtime Firefox favorite AdBlock Plus, have figured out a way to convert their block lists to work with IE9. While IE9 + EasyPrivacy isn’t quite as powerful a combo as Firefox + AdBlock, it’s still nice to get rid of most web ads… especially if you’re forced to use IE for some reason. To be fair, IE 9 is pretty awesome. Since Firefox seems to choke on Flash videos when you have 48 open tabs, I had been using Chrome to watch YouTube vids. But I have switched back to IE in those cases as it’s as fast as Chrome on my system and more compatible with various websites.

To add EasyPrivacy to your IE 9 install, just go to this Microsoft page (using IE, natch) and click the “Add TPL” link next to the EasyList entry.

Once installed, if you’d like to disable or remove the list, click on Tools > Safety > Tracking Protection, highlight “EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection” and click the “Remove” or “Disable” box.

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  1. AdBlock Plus is much better than any other solution to get rid of advertising. It doesn’t use as many resoures as AdMuncher, and it works just as well……for free. Thank you for offering this for free…

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