Jill Wagner leaving “Wipeout”

My #1 celebrity crush, Jill Wagner, is leaving her co-hosting gig on the ABC show Wipeout.

This is good in a way, as Wagner has wanted to get back to acting, and even has a new show, Teen Wolf, due to start soon. It’s also good because I’ve been tiring of Wipeout for some time now. I DVR the show, and mostly just watch the parts with Wagner. I think I can get through an entire episode in around 14 minutes these days.

But it’s also bad, because I’ll miss getting my weekly “Jill fix” on the TV. But, as they say, ever upward! I hope Jill goes on to something bigger and better… so I can watch her every week! 😉

Here’s a pic from her Twitter feed, one of the last from the Wipeout set:

Wagner leaves Wipeout
(Click to enlarge. You know you want to!)

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