The Movie Location Game

So… this past Friday I “invented” a new game on Facebook: I’d post a picture of a location from a movie, and I invited people to guess which movie it was from. People seemed to like it, so I thought I’d post it here, too.

The rules, such as they are, are quite simple:

1) The movies must be “popular”, in that most people have either seen them, or at least heard of them. I’m not going to try to sneak some obscure 1960s Bulgarian art film past you, or some “direct to DVD” film no one has ever heard of.

2) The locations must be “prominent” in the film. I’m not going to “cheat” by posting a picture of one of the houses Ferris ran through near the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which were only on the screen for second. Having said that, remember that buildings change over time, or might have been embellished for the film.

3) Where needed, I will obscure writing on buildings which might identify them. This is to prevent you from googling a quick answer.

4) Using TinEye is considered cheating!

Here we gooooooooooo!

LOCATION #1 – The grey building in the center of the picture was prominently featured in a popular 80s film. If you’re 35 or older, you’ve almost certainly seen this movie.

(click to enlarge)

HINTS (highlight to view): The film was based in Washington DC. The building has been repainted since the film came out.

LOCATION #2 – This church was seen into two films: a late 80s classic and an early 2000s rom-com. Name either film.

(click to enlarge)

HINTS (highlight to view): The first film was not directed or written by John Hughes. Julia Roberts was not in the second film. Both films featured young blonde actresses who died unexpectedly.

LOCATION #3 – This house was featured in a super-popular 80s film. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t seen this movie.

(click to enlarge)

HINTS (highlight to view): The film was set in Chicago. The lead actor became one of the biggest movie stars in the world because of this film.

Answers after the jump!

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LOCATION #1 is the bar from St. Elmo’s Fire. It is a real bar in Georgetown currently known as Third Edition. Although the bar was never named “St. Elmo’s” in real life, I don’t know what it was called when the movie was made in 1985.

LOCATION #2 is the Church of the Angels, an Episcopal church in Pasadena, California. It was the scene of the many funerals in the 1988 film Heathers, and was the church Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher were wed in the 2003 film Just Married. Sadly, both Murphy and Kim Walker (Heather Chandler in Heathers) died at the age of 32 from unexpected causes. Coincidentally, Walker died from a brain tumor (one of her most famous lines from Heathers was “Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?”).

LOCATION #3 is a private home located at 1258 Linden Avenue, Highland Park, Illinois. It was the home of Joel Goodson (Tom Cruise) in the 1983 film Risky Business.

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