Oh My: Romola Garai

So the new BBC show The Hour debuted this week. Although many early reviews called it “the British Mad Men“, it wasn’t quite that. The show does have a plotline that involves the media getting too close to the government… which makes me wonder if Kudos knew the News of the World scandal was going to break months ago, or if the whole thing is one gigantic coincidence.

Anyway, one the unexpected delights of the show was actress Romola Garai, who plays producer Bel “Moneypenny” Rowley. Born to British parents in Hong Kong in 1982, Garai can certainly act. And Good Lord – does this woman have an amazing body or what?

Romola Garai
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You can also see Garai in the films AtonementAmazing Grace, Glorious 39 and in the lead role in the BBC’s 2009 adaptation of Jane Austin’s Emma, for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Congratulations, Romola! You win the “RAWR of the Week” Award! Check out her Wiki page here and hit up Google Images for her here.

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