Atlanta Peeps: Check In!

So, a couple of weeks ago, the missus and I went to The Thirsty Beaver, a Charlotte dive bar, for the first time. The bar shows Hee Haw re-reuns on the TV, and is jam-packed with 1970s kitsch, including a velvet Willie Nelson painting and ancient Schlitz signs. But my favorite thing was a BJ and The Bear poster tucked away in a corner.

Lisa had never heard of the show, so when we got home I went to YouTube and found the show’s intro, which I posted on her Facebook page. And, under the “related videos” section of the page, I saw the intro for season 2 of Lobo, the BJ and the Bear spin-off:

Dig that late 70s\early 80s Atlanta footage! I especially dug the bits filmed at the old Omni Complex, complete with a shot of the skating rink. That really takes me back to going to Hawks games with my dad as a kid, and the pizza place there at the Omni, which had the world’s best meatball subs!

I’d also forgotten that Nell Carter (billed as “Nell Ruth Carter”) was on the show! And whatever happened to Amy Botinwick? Man, she was hot!

Good times!


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