I use the WP Random Header plug-in to change the header image each time you load a page here at the site (a feature that is now built in to WordPress, by the way. I guess I’m too lazy to reconfigure it!).

I sometimes add or remove one of the banners, and every so often I’ll go nuts and replace all of them at once. I did just that this past weekend. In case anyone’s curious, here are the new banners:

wp_lisa_gerrard_tLisa Gerrard, lead singer of Dead Can Dance; has also done several movie soundtracks, including Gladiator.

wp_jh_newman_tJohn Henry Newman, Anglican priest and founder of the Oxford Movement.

wp_hubble_tEdwin Hubble, astronomer who confirmed the existence of other galaxies and that the universe is expanding.

wp_walter_tBryan Cranston as Walter White from the TV show Breaking Bad, one of the best shows ever!

wp_harrison_tJohn Harrison, an English clockmaker who invented the marine chronometer and solved the “longitude problem”.

wp_luther_tIdris Elba as John Luther from the BBC series Luther, one of the best modern cop shows around.

wp_newton_tIsaac Newton, the English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, alchemist and theologian.

wp_grace_tGrace Kelly, American actress, later Princess of Monaco, and most beautiful woman in history.

wp_borleag_tNorman Borlaug, agronomist and Nobel laureate who saved a billion people’s lives in the Green Revolution.

I hope you enjoy the new banners!

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