Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-28

  • "Good morning!" i said to the blue and black lizard that lives on my deck. #
  • "Scrobbling" is the worst word ever invented. #
  • @MorganFogarty Did you feel the ground shake just now? Earthquake felt in Belmont, NC! #
  • RT @Andy_Richter: Got a massage with a "happy ending", which means they gave me a pizza and some car magazines and left me alone. #
  • If you have to ask, the answer's no: #
  • Apple says Steve Jobs resigning as CEO – #
  • I read the words "World Mode Code Division Multiple Access (Evolution-Data Optimized Revision A)" and my eyes glazed over. #
  • Thanks for getting "Rock You Like a Hurricane" stuck in my head, hunny! #

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