Random Atlanta\Georgia Trivia

So the other day I was looking for some info about a Braves game, so I went to my former hometown newspaper’s site: ajc.com. While there I discovered that my favorite section of the paper – “Q&A on the News”, where people can write in any marginally newsworthy question in hopes of getting an answer – not only still exists… but that there’s an extensive archive of old topics, too!

Here’s some of the fun stuff I found:

Georgia is the only state to be admitted to the Union three times. (link)

Of course, Georgia was the fourth state, ratifying the U.S. Constitution on January 2, 1788. And, like most Confederate states, Georgia was readmitted after the Civil War on June 26, 1868. However, widespread violence led Congress to re-impose Reconstruction on the state (another dubious honor, this being the only state to have this happen). Georgia was readmitted for the third and final time in July 1870.

Atlanta’s Northside Hospital delivers more babies than any other hospital in the United States. (link)

Over 18,000 babies are born there every year… including me (although that was a looooonng time ago!).

St. Mary’s, Georgia is the second oldest continually-inhabited city in the United States (link)

The city was founded “sometime in the mid 1500s” by the Spanish. It became an incorporated city in 1792. Only St. Augustine, Florida is older.

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