Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-08

  • Go Giants… Beat the Cowgurls! #
  • How 'bout them Dawgs! #
  • @lastfm My fav album of 2011 is Washed Out's "Within and Without". It's just BEAUTIFUL and celebrates youth without being melancholy.(more) #
  • @lastfm It's like an Ubran Outfitters catalog come to life, and I mean that in the best way possible! #
  • Just watched the new ep. of #Sherlock – amazing as usual! Didn't know Lara Pulver was in it… RAWR! #
  • LeBron James got engaged! At least ONE of them has a ring now! #
  • Last night I dreamt I was dating Tina Fey. She was really cool, and I got to hang out at the SNL and "30 Rock" sets. #
  • Bear Bryant was once asked to contribute $10 to help pay for a sportswriter’s funeral. Per the legend, he said, “Here’s a twenty, bury two.” #
  • Jeez – at least GT showed up for their bowl… what's your excuse, Climpson? #
  • Finally watched #TreasureIsland with P. Glenister, D. Mays, Eiljah Wood and Rupert P-J. Really good, if broad interpretation! #
  • @ired33 Been a fan of yours since you first put on a Steeler uniform. Now's your time, man. Take it! #
  • "Big Shrimpin"? Someone at the History Channel has a sense of humor! #
  • Update: Steelers Running Backs Coach Kirby Wilson Is In A Medically Induced Coma #
  • Get well soon, Kirby Wilson! #
  • @catdeeley NITPICK: it's Little Five Points, or L5P. Five Points is a different place! Love ya! – Jim #

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