Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-22

  • Eat dirt, Flacco! #
  • Drywall anchors… the bane of my existence. #
  • OMG! That was totally a fumble! #
  • Choke Pack Choke! Bwhahaha!!! #
  • Fine. I'll reboot. #IhateAdobeReaderUpdates #
  • I'm a Steelers fan, but it's time to #FireBillLeavy #
  • How long before Google looks like this? #
  • Who's excited for the season premiere of #Justified tonight? I'm about to pee my pants I'm so excited! #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Marsheaux (40), Blouse (16) & Lana del Rey (14) #
  • The #Steelers have new throwbacks for next year? Please God don't let it be the Batman unis! #
  • Web Goes On Strike: Jan 18th! All-out blackout 2 stop #SOPA #PIPA. Petition @twitter and other sites to join us. #
  • @bobpetesarah Embarrased to admit, my first single was Steve Martin's "King Tut". 🙁 #
  • Your failed business model is not our problem. #
  • Woh- the internet is rising up to #StopSOPA #PIPA and #InternetCensorship Write Congress today: via @fightfortheftr #
  • If SOPA passes, you could get 5 years in jail for sharing a Michael Jackson song. That's 1 year more than Conrad Murray got for killing him. #
  • BIG NEWS: Windows NT lead developer now a part of the Xbox team – #
  • @erinkarpluk Yes, really! #
  • @marsheaux Yes, more rejected demos, please! 🙂 #
  • @Nigella_Lawson I think we don't use kettles over here because of the 110v power system – it's almost as fast to use the range. #
  • @winemedineme I love mine too. But I had to research to find a GOOD one (a Bodum). The junky Walmart ones ARE slow. Electric range here too. #
  • @weezmgk Yeah, the Brit ones seem to be MUCH FASTER than the US ones, even my good Bodum kettle #
  • @weezmgk It's a Bodum 5500 (the cordless model). It's 1500w. Contrary to Amazon reviews, mine is 5+ years old and works fine. #
  • @weezmgk link: #
  • @Marsheaux Just wanted to say I've fallen in love with your music the way a 14 year-old boy falls in love with the pretty girl at school! #
  • @Deanoandrews Nice! Seems odd to see you with "modern" hair though! :p #
  • @homeohsexyouall Tea isn't nearly as popular as coffee in the US, so most people and offices have coffeemakers instead. #
  • @homeohsexyouall Also, most homes and offices use microwaves for non-coffee uses (ramen noodles, hot chocolate, etc.) Or the stove (hob). #
  • @petzilla Amen, dude! (the smoking bars, that is…) #
  • @petzilla No, sir you are not. Maria Zyrianova *IS* hot! Somehow hotter in the blonde wig, though. #
  • I'm at Walgreens (6802 Wilkinson Blvd., at Park St., Belmont) #
  • I'm at Old Navy (3692 E Franklin Blvd, Gastonia) #
  • I'm at Sam's Club (3540 E Franklin Blvd., Gastonia) #
  • I'm at Jack In The Box (3618 E Franklin Blvd., Gastonia) #
  • I'm at Point Wylie (Belmont, NC) #
  • Why is FAKE football on my TV?!? #
  • Piers Morgan is the worst person on the planet. #

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