New Banners!

Yep, it’s been a while… so here are a bunch of new banners for the website! Enjoy them… until July or so, when I update them again!

Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton: As George Will once said, “we worship Jefferson, but live in Hamilton’s world”.

Bobby DoddBobby Dodd: Georgia Tech football coach from 1945-1966, compiled a record of 165–64–8.

Bernard CornwellBernard Cornwell: Author of historical fiction, esp. the “Richard Sharpe” series from the Napoleonic Wars.

Katy PerryKaty Perry: I just don’t care what anyone says… Katy is America’s Sweetheart!

NeptuneNeptune: This gas giant, the last in the solar system, is my favorite non-Earth planet!

Pecan PiePecan Pie: Why? Because it’s just the best damn dessert in the whole world!

Richard HookerRichard Hooker: Along with Thomas Cranmer and Matthew Parker, considered a father of Anglicanism.

SylvieSylvie: This is taken from the cover of Saint Etienne’s “Sylvie” single.

Steven LevittSteven Levitt: American economist and co-author of Freakonomics.

Marsheaux 2Marsheaux: Greek synthpop band. I’ve fallen in love with them the same way I fell for Jenni Belle in 7th grade:

MarsheauxMarsheaux: instantly, overwhelmingly, and giggledy. Seriously: I get love pangs when I listen to them!

StiltonStilton: Is there any cheese that can compete with Stilton? It’s the King of Cheeses!

Thomas AquinasThomas Aquinas: Highly influential theologian, one of the 33 Doctors of the Church.

The VarsityA meal from The Varsity: Because sometimes you just jones for hometown deliciousness!

Thomas MoreThomas More: English lawyer, social philosopher, author, statesman and noted Renaissance humanist.

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