It’s made of AWESOME!

Holy crap, how come I didn’t know about this until three days ago? It’s a 9 minute excerpt from an 1983 episode of MTV’s Cutting Edge with The Go-Go’s being interviewed at The Varsity restaurant in my hometown of Atlanta. Apparently the girls were playing a gig at the nearby 688 Club later that evening, and MTV chose to have the interview there!


Goodness, what fun memories! The best part about the interview is that it goes into surprising “behind the scenes” depth at the restaurant. The Varsity has been featured in no telling how many things on Food Network and Travel Channel, but usually those pieces show the counter, and maybe some hot dogs being made, and that’s usually it. It’s hilarious watching Belinda Carlisle trying to cook french fries! And yes, Old School Atlantans, you can see Erby Walker in this clip!

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