The Movie Location Game (Special Engagement!)

Yes, it’s back, for one day only!

The game is simple: I post a picture of a movie location, you guess which movie it’s from. Hints will appear after the picture; highlight them to read. Using TinEye or Google in ANY WAY is cheating. There are no prizes, other than bragging rights.

LOCATION #1 – This home played a central role in a 1940s film that’s considered THE classic of its genre.

(click to enlarge)

HINTS (highlight to view): I hope you have enough insurance!

LOCATION #2 – Although this building has appeared in many TV shows and movies, the film I’m thinking of was an 80s smash.

(click to enlarge)

HINTS (highlight to view): I hope you’re from the right side of the tracks!

LOCATION #3 – This restaurant is seen at the beginning of a 1970s smash hit. The studio, however, was sure would be a giant flop.

(click to enlarge)

HINTS (highlight to view): If you’re not leaving you’re… and if you’re not dead you’re…

Answers after the jump!

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Location #1 is a private home at 6301 Quebec Drive in Hollywood Hills. It was the home of  Phyllis Dietrichson (Barbara Stanwyck) in the 1944 classic Double Indemnity:

Double Indemnity
(click to enlarge)

Location #2 is John Marshall High School at 3939 Tracy Street, Los Angeles. It became “Meadowbrook High School” in Pretty in Pink and was also used in the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer film.

Location #3 is Lenny’s Pizza at 1969 86th Street, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. John Travolta stops there for a slice of pizza at the beginning of Saturday Night Fever:

Saturday Night Fever
(click to enlarge)

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