SimonHey, ya’ll! Simon here! Wow, was last weekend WILD or what? Yes, there was the Monday Night game everyone was talking about… But how about this: last weekend was the first time Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger all lost in the same weekend! I guess that’s why I went 8-8 last week and am a middling 26-22 so far! Here are my picks for week 4!

[NOTE: Simon regrets that he was a ton of stuff to do this week and is too busy welcoming a new baby sister to write up his usual sassy commentary. He did, however, provide his picks.]

Cleveland at Baltimore: “Are you serious? Bet it all on the Ravens!”

Carolina at Atlanta: “Pffft! Atlanta’s looking too good! Take the Falcons!”

New England at Buffalo: “The Patriots will want revenge!”

Minnesota at Detroit: “Take the Lions at home.. Rawr!”

San Diego at Kansas City: “Could be a toss-up.. I’m leaning towards the Chargers.”

Seattle at St. Louis: “After Monday, I’m a believer in the Seahawks!”

San Francisco at New York Jets: “My 49ers will get it done.”

Tennessee at Houston: “Should be a bloodbath; go with the Texans.”

Oakland at Denver: “I take the Broncos… with glee!”

Miami at Arizona: “Are the Cards giant-killers? I’ll take them.”

Cincinnati at Jacksonville: “Yep, the Bengals will win this one.”

New Orleans at Green Bay: “The Packers will vent their frustration on the Aints!”

Washington at Tampa Bay: “I think the Redskins bounce back this week!”

New York Giants at Philadelphia: “I take the Giants, but not by much”.

Chicago at Dallas: “If this was in Chicago and Forte was healthy, I’d pick the Bears. But it’s not and he’s not, so I’m taking the Cowboys!”.

I hope ya’ll enjoy the picks! See ya’ll next week!


– The Simon

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