Thanks, EVR!

East Village Radio is an online radio station based out of New York City’s East Village. The station began broadcasting on 88.1 FM in 2003, but after an article about the station appeared in the New York Times, the FCC noticed that they had no broadcasting license (oops!). And so EVR was forced to go Internet-only.

It’s a “community-oriented” station, meaning that it has a wide variety of programming, much like a college station. I’d listen to the station more, but it seems like every time I think “hey, what’s on EVR?” it’s a Norwegian Death Metal show or six hours of Trinidadian rap. Having said that, I do make an effort to check out my favorite show, “The Rest Is Noise” with Delpine Blue, which airs every Wednesday at noon ET.

I was excited to hear that former Joy Division\New Order bassist Peter Hook would be on the January 30th show to promote his new book: Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division. I even added the show to my Outlook calendar so I wouldn’t forget!

So the time came, and Hook was indeed on the show. The interview was interesting, and the music really great. As the interview was ending, Blue mentioned a contest in which all one needed to do to win an autographed copy of the book was to leave a comment on the EVR site. I never win ANYTHING in contests, but went ahead and left a comment anyway.

Imagine my surprise when, one week later, I received this in my email:

Peter Hook email

Woo-Hoo! Like I said, I never win ANYTHING in online contests, despite having entered hundreds of them since joining the Internet in 1996.

And, this past Tuesday, the book arrived!


The autograph:

click to embiggen

So… a BIG THANKS to the staff at EVR for picking me to win the book! If you’re looking for cool new tunes, be sure to check out East Village Radio!

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