Quote of the Day

Seriously, folks… Justified has the BEST dialogue of any show on TV, period:

“Disposing of murder victims for money, why that leaves a bad taste in a Christian’s mouth. A small town don’t run on a 24-hour news cycle… a small town NEVER forgets. Now word’s goin’ burn through these hills and hollers like a wildfire. People o’ Harlan County, rich and poor, will marvel at your debasement and venality. They will spit venom when they speak your name and they will take your suicide as the last act of a coward. Now your reputation is ruined, your good word worthless, but death will not be the end of your suffering. For generations, your children and your children’s’ children will have a mark against their name, and THAT will be your legacy.”

– Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder
in Justified, “Shot All To Hell”


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