Subtle Humor?

I have been a Georgia Tech fan my whole life. As I explained in this post, one of the school’s oldest and most cherished traditions is that of a fictitious student named George P. Burdell.

Created as a prank in 1927 when a student accidentally received two enrollment forms, “Burdell” went on to get a bachelor’s degree from Tech, as well as a master’s. Burdell went on to serve on many USAAF bombers and USN submarines in WWII, was listed as a member of Mad Magazine’s board of directors from 1969-1981, was a production assistant at South Park Studios, and, for a brief period in 1991, was the name and signature Kraft Foods used on rebate-refund checks sent to consumers.

That’s what made this week’s episode of The Blacklist so amusing. The episode had an aerial shot of a university:


which is actually Georgia Tech. But what name did the writers give the school?



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