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Hi everybody! I just want to take a minute today to share a Kickstarter campaign that’s close to my heart.

One of my bestest buds in the whole world is trying to open “Worlds of Wonder”, a sci-fi\fantasy bookstore and bar. My friend has been a sci-fi-fantasy nerd since… forever, and has 20+ years of experience opening and managing bookstores. He wants Worlds of Wonder to be a book and comic book shop… but he also wants it to be a place where you can just come and hang out… maybe have a beer and watch some anime on a big screen, or sit on a comfy sofa and play some D&D or Settlers of Catan or what have you.

Unfortunately, I don’t exactly know where he wants to locate this place, I know he’s only looking within the Charlotte city limits (so, not a “where ‘Charlotte’ actually means Mt. Holly or Huntersville” situation), and that he’s narrowed it down to a few locations, mostly on the west side. If I learn more I’ll post it here.

My friend really is a great guy, and he deserves a chance to make something awesome here in Charlotte. If you like sci-fi, fantasy, role playing and\or beer, why not take a couple of moments to have a look-see at their Kickstarter campaign and maybe back them? They have some pretty sweet rewards!

Worlds of Wonder Kickstarter Campaign

Also, here are links to their website and Facebook page:

Worlds of Wonder website
Worlds of Wonder Facebook page

Thanks so much for helping my friend build something really cool in such a cool city!

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