Site Update

Hey hey! JIMCOFER.COM has an (unplanned) all new look!

WordPress rolled out a big update last night. In addition to new core files, this update also included newer versions of the stock themes. Even though I’ve never had trouble updating themes in the past, for some reason this go-round the Twenty Fourteen theme broke. If you tried visiting the site for around 20 minutes last night you were greeted with blank pages, ‘cos the stylesheet was corrupted.

So – quite against my will – I updated to the Twenty Fifteen theme. This broke a few things, like many widgets and some of the formatting tricks I’ve done in the past to make something look good. I’m heading off to bed now, but should be able to fix most of these issues in batches over the weekend, especially the missing pages in the Pages widget.

My apologies for any inconvenience.

– Jim