Windows 10: The Bug in Windows Photo Viewer

Windows 10 comes with a slick new image manager with the imaginative name “Photos”. It’s nice and all, but it lacks some of the features the XP-era Windows Photo Viewer had. For one, Photos doesn’t display the file name in the title bar; you have to click multiple times to see the filename. This is frustrating if you’re working with pictures that are very similar, say multiple takes of the same pose, or pictures that look very similar as thumbnails, like screen caps.

While XP’s Windows Photo Viewer is included in Windows 10, and can easily be made the default imaging app, the version of WPV that ships with Windows 10 has a super-annoying bug: if you click the right or left arrows to scroll through pictures, images are always displayed in alphabetical order, regardless of how you have the folder sorted. In previous versions of Windows, you could sort the pictures by size or date, and when you scrolled through the pictures in WPV, the app would respect that sort order.

Thankfully, it’s an easy fix. Just copy the following text into your favorite text editor, like Notepad, and save it as a .REG file. Then right-click the file, choose “Merge” and click “Allow” or “OK” to the warning that appears:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






If you’d prefer to just download the reg file, click here.

7 Replies to “Windows 10: The Bug in Windows Photo Viewer”

  1. Thank you so much for this fix…the online help MS offers from the other side of the world is useless. You were far, far more helpful than they were!

  2. Oh thank GOODNESS. I’ve been baffled by the photo display order on my new computer for almost a year! Your Step by Step registry instruction was the only fix I could clearly understand as a non-programmer.

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