NIFTY GADGET: Proxicast USB Cable

First things first: I apologize for my latest “nifty gadget” posts. I know some of them are, well, kind of lame. But in every case, these “nifty gadgets” have solved some real-life problem I was having. I just want to spread the news to others who might be having the same issue.

I know this has either happened to you, or happened to someone you know: you go out and buy a new phone. Maybe that same day, or maybe later on, you buy a case for the phone. Only problem is, the case is just a millimeter or two too thick, and the micro USB charging cable won’t fit in all the way. So you have to either take the phone out of the case every time you want to charge it, or you have to jam the cable in and use something – books, or maybe a nightstand drawer – to keep the cable in place while the phone charges.

Well, you don’t have to jump through those hoops any more! Amazon sells USB cables from a company called Proxicast that have extra long USB connectors:

Proxicast USB cable
(photo via Amazon)

On the right is a standard micro USB connector; on the left is a Proxicast cable with their extended USB connector. It’s only a couple millimeters longer than a standard connector, but it can make all the difference with phones or tablets and a “thicker than anticipated” case. I’ve had one for a few days, and it works a treat with my new LG Stylo phone and wallet-style case.

A 6-foot (1.8m) Proxicast USB cable costs around $6.99 and is available from Amazon here. If you’d like to save a dollar, you can get a “charging only” cable for $5.99 here.

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