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  1. Jim have a question about your history of underground Atlanta you wrote 1869, work began on the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot. Interestingly, for reasons I have yet to learn, the new depot was built in a gully. Remember this, as it will be important later. but I never saw anymore about why??????????

    1. Because the depot was built in a gully, when the City of Atlanta built the bridges over the old streets, the streets appeared to be flat (level). This helped people forget at the existence of the old streets, because it wasn’t like there were big humps in the road where the bridges were.

  2. Hello Jim,

    I have just come across your site and articles. I was particularly interested in the article you posted concerning Al Capone and the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. In the article you made reference to the warden James D Stephens requesting Capone be transferred to Alcatraz. Stephens was my father but he was not the warden. The warden at the time was A. C. Aderhold. My father was a correctional officer charged with escorting Capone on the train that carried several other prisoners and correctional officers to Alcatraz.

    As I have always been in search of either photo or print documentation of this transfer, I was curious as to your source of information concerning this. I have never been able to find any mention of my father relating to Capone in Atlanta. There exists and I have seen a photo of the train car they were on floating on a barge in the bay approaching Alcatraz.

    My father retired in 1963 after 35 years service at Atlanta. My only info concerning this is him describing the events to me when I was a child.

    Any info or sources you may have would be most appreciated or if you would like any info I may have concerning The Atlanta Federal Penitentiary , feel free to let me know. We lived directly across the street from the prison.

    Michael Stephens

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