Mozy Fail

I have a client who uses a server-based POS application. They also have a remote office, where the “server” is actually a standard Windows XP desktop computer… that an employee actually uses every day as her “work computer”.

So anyway, she apparently got a virus on that computer yesterday, and as a precaution I logged on to Mozy to download the two previous day’s backups. After requesting the restore, I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw this:

Mozy Fail


For the record, the remote office is three hours away, and I don’t really admin anything there or have a say in how things work at that office.

A Vacation Story

I’ve told this story on the website before, but the original version is tucked away inside a long post in the Old Site Archive, so I thought I’d share it again.

Lisa and I were in London from December 26, 2005 to January 2, 2006. We had a lot of fun the first few days, going to the V&A, Hampton Court Palace, Borough Market, and several other historic or interesting sites. But on New Year’s Eve we joined the throng of 450,000+ people to watch the fireworks near the London Eye. As you might guess, we had a few drinks. OK, more than a few. Quite a bit, actually. But we weren’t stumbling around, out of control drunk or anything.

The next day we were feeling less than 100%. We both agreed that we wanted something greasy and familiar to eat, and lots of it. One of us (I don’t remember who) suggested a Chinese buffet we had seen a few days prior. So off we went to Mr Wu’s Chinese Buffet at 58 Shaftesbury Avenue.

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Phil? Is that you?

Originally posted by Scott on Facebook via Craigslist:

Devil worshippers wanted for evil black metal band (Bessemer City)

Looking to form totally blasphemous and evil black metal band to sing the praises of the dark lord. Must have evil image and equipment. Guitar must be black. How in the hell are you going to be all evil and worship the devil with a yellow guitar?

Must be able to practice on weekends at my house….that’s when my mama goes out of town to see her boyfriend in Gastonia. We can be all evil and drink beer and smoke while she is gone but just don’t track mud into the den or use her bathroom or I might get grounded.

Serious inquiries only. Hail Satan!!!

Phil’s gotta be behind this! I mean… Bessemer City? Evil metal bands? Tracking mud in the house? Doesn’t it sound like a prank ad Phil might write?