Here’s a bunch of old PDFs from the old site that might interest someone somewhere:

USS Cofer – There was a WWII-era ship called the USS Cofer. She was  named after a cousin of mine from Louisville, Georgia. She fought at the Battle of Leyte Gulf and won numerous service awards. This short PDF has some basic infomation about her.

Notes From Boston – A moderately amusing travel memoir from a trip I took to Boston in the late 90s.

Notes From Chicago – A moderately amusing travel memoir from a trip I took to Chicago in the late 90s.

Mazzy Star – The complete lyrics (zipped).

It’s Done!!!!

Ohmygosh! It’s finally done! The all-new website is absolutely, completely done!

As I said in my previous post, you can click the Old Site Archive link on the sidebar to see any items from the old site that didn’t make the transition to the new site. Around 10% of the old site’s content didn’t make the cut at all and was deleted altogether – especially ancient Windows 98-era tips and some of the oldest posts from the first site.

In any case, WELCOME to the all-new – I hope you enjoy it! I’m sooooo happy to be done with this transition – as I’m sure you’re sick of all the updates!

Have a good Saturday, everybody!

DOWNLOAD: Madotate

madotateBack in 2000, I stumbled across a killer free program called Madotate. This program was years ahead of its time, in that it replaced Microsoft’s 2-D windowing model with a 3-D one. Now, I don’t mean “3-D” in the sense of “coming out of the screen” like a 3-D movie. Instead, Madotate takes individual windows and allows you to turn them sideways or lay them flat, instead of the usual “open” or “minimized”. Check out the screen capture on the left for an example (click the picture to enlarge it); in the picture, the open windows are (from left to right): Firefox, Internet Explorer, Azureus, PeerGuardian (just above Azureus), the AIM “Away” screen (to the right of Azureus), Microsoft Outlook and a Windows Explorer window.

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DOWNLOAD: Steelers 2007 Schedule for Outlook!

If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can use the following download to add the Pittsburgh Steelers 2007 schedule to your Outlook calendar! All you’ve gotta do so is:

  1. Download the file to your desktop and unzip.
  2. Open Outlook and select “File” > “Import and Export” > “Import from another program or file”, then click “Next”.
  3. Choose “Comma Separated Values (Windows)”, then click “Next”.
  4. Use the “Browse” button on the next screen to select the Steelers_2007.CSV file you just unzipped.
  5. On the next screen make sure to select “Calendar” as the destination then click “Next” and “Finish”… That’s it!

The “Pittsburgh Steelers 2007 Schedule For Outlook” is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 98 or later. It contains all pre-season and regular season Steelers games as well as the network airing the game. All times in the Steelers Calendar are for the Eastern (USA) time zone. A reminder is scheduled for 8:00PM the day before each game; if you wish to disable the reminders, open the CSV file in Excel and change the value of “reminder on/off” (column G) to FALSE for each game BEFORE you import the Calendar into Outlook. Fans of other (lesser) teams can also download the file and use it as a template to create a schedule for their favorite teams using any version of Microsoft Excel.

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Do you use AIM? I do, but one huge problem I’ve found with AIM is the way it handles its notification sounds – there’s no easy way to simply mute just the AIM sounds. As far as I can tell, your options are to mute all system sounds (so you’ll miss the “new mail” and other legitimate system sounds) or you can go to Control Panel > Sounds and remove the WAV associated with each AIM event; this will cause the PC speaker to beep, which makes this option useless.

A couple of years ago, I was watching a movie on my PC and for some reason the movie’s sound level was really low. Naturally, I turned up the sound on Windows Media Player and my PC speakers… so when my missus logged on to AIM and sent me a message THE AIM SOUND WAS THIS LOUD! It shattered the windows in my room, set off car alarms for blocks, made my ears bleed, etc., etc. So this is why I created SilentAIM – a tiny little “program” that instantly mutes the AIM sounds on your PC. It requires no executable file or Registry jiggery-pokery – in fact, all SilentAIM does is unpack some “blank” WAV files (with the extension .SIL) to your AIM\Sounds directory, along with a batch file that swaps the extensions of your existing WAV files and the silent WAVs when you click on the SilentAIM desktop icon! The AIM sounds can be “muted” or “un-muted” at any time while using AIM; your SilentAIM settings will remain in effect until you change them back. (You might need to reinstall SilentAIM after upgrading AIM itself though).

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DOWNLOAD: Free eBook! is now in the publishing business! OK, not really – but I am proud to offer one of the greatest works of the English language – G.K. Chesteron’s Orthodoxy – in eBook (PDF) format. Chesterton is one of the few Christian thinkers who is admired and quoted equally by liberal and conservative Christians, and even by many non-Christians. Orthodoxy remains one of the greatest works of any of the Christian apologetics, especially since it defends orthodoxy without resorting to endless quoting of the Scriptures or Church doctrine. You may download the file here. (NOTE: this is an unzipped PDF, approximately 480KB in size).

DOWNLOAD: What did he say?

Shepard SmithHere’s Fox News’ Shepard Smith’s infamous on-air flub during a story about Jennifer Lopez. The story was about how fake her “Jenny from the block” phase was, and how her childhood neighbors in the Bronx didn’t care for her any more. He was supposed to say her neighbors would “rather give her a curb job than a block party”… only he said that they’d rather give her a curb job instead of… another kind of job! Even though the clip is a couple of years old, it’s *still* funny every time I see it! And now you can too, by downloading the file here. (NOTE: file is a 1MB zipped WMA).

DOWLOAD: Dear God… Make It Stop!

Barbie Girl!Your parents loved you, cared for you, fed and clothed you, took you to the doctor when you were sick, bought you a cake and presents on your birthdays, and sent you to school. But now you’re a big girl – off to college and away from parental supervision for the very first time. What better way to celebrate than by tarting yourself up and lip synching to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”! This clip is *such* a train wreck – on one hand, you want to heap scorn and derision on this poor girl. On the other hand, you know she probably made it for her first college boyfriend, and now that they’ve broken up, he thought he’d get a laugh by posting it on the Internet. Oh well – no matter – it’s out there now! Download the file here. (NOTE: file is a 6.5MB zipped WMA).

DOWNLOAD: Pat O’Brien Is A Coked-Up Pervert!

Pat O'BrienOK, so maybe is the last site on the entire Internet to get the news about this, but hey – better late than never, right? It seems that Pat O’Brien – famed sportscaster and host of The Insider and former host of Access Hollywood – has a wee bit of a problem with alcohol, cocaine and sexual harassment. It appears that Pat once harassed a woman via voicemail, repeatedly making obscene requests and telling her what nasty things he wanted to do with her – including getting it on with another female friend of O’Brien’s and “getting some coke”. Of course, this woman wasn’t stupid – she recorded all of his voicemails – which have leaked onto the Internet and can be downloaded here. (NOTE: file is a 2.4MB zipped WMA). Let this be a lesson to all the would-be sleazebags out there – be careful who you harass!

DOWNLOAD: Glenn Danzig Fights Like A Girl!

DanzigI don’t have any background on this clip, but it made the rounds some time ago. It seems that infamous jerk Glenn Danzig got into an argument with someone associated with his tour – a roadie, a security guy… somebody. Danzig pushed him, so the guy hauled off and smacked him… and then Glenn fell to the floor like a scared little girl! This video is TOO FUNNY!!! The file is 9.55MB, is zipped and is an MPEG-1 file, so it should be viewable on just about everyone’s computer without any codec downloads! Download it by clicking here. CHECK IT OUT!