My Site’s Safe!

So I was searching the Internet last night for my own website. It sounds vain, but I was really just seeing if the new WordPress site had made it to Google’s index, and also to see what other sites were saying about this site. At one point, I stumbled upon my site’s results at McAfee’s Site Advisor, a website that analyzes websites for unsafe scripts, malware, viruses and such. And guess what? My site is safe!

McAfee Site Advisor

Woo-Hoo! And speaking of McAfee, they actually have a cool quiz on their site that tests your knowledge of phishing scams by showing you pictures of genuine and phishing sites – you have to guess which one’s authentic and which one’s fake. I got 9 out of 10 (hey, the Chase Bank one is hard!)

Anybody wanna do the test themselves and share their score?

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